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  1. gongzero
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello all,

    I recently setup my website with WP2.5 and, in searching for some plugins, I came across WP Mobile Edition at http://alexking.org/projects/wordpress.

    I installed it exactly as required -- theme folder in /wp-content/themes, and the php file in /wp-content/plugins.

    At first glance it seemed to work great. I visited the website on my WM6 phone, and the mobile theme looked good, was very useable, &cet.; however, I then noticed when I went back to my site on a normal PC that whatever pages I'd visited on my mobile were stuck using the mobile theme. I've deactivated the plugin for now until I find a resolution.

    Is anyone else experiencing this behaviour?

    I've noticed that any theme changes in WP2.5 --including changes to stylesheets or individual php files-- seem to take awhile before they take effect on the web. For example, if I edit sidebar.php, it'll be at least an hour before the sidebar reflects those changes reliably (i.e., every time you view the page). This is true regardless of whether the wp-cache plugin is active or not. I wonder if this might be causing the strange behaviour in the WP Mobile Edition plugin.



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