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  • nissimziv


    I am testing the WP Mobile Detector plugin on my PC prior to making it live.
    I am working with my original theme as a desktop theme and a chosen twenty-eleven theme as a mobile one. I would like to ask two questions.
    1. How to change WordPress theme without losing selected widgets
    When checking the mobile detector plugin, I realized that widgets selected are lost after theme is changed from one to another.

    Basically, widget areas in sidebars are added according to a widget’s ID. When changing themes that have different W’s IDs, the widgets are lost and are no longer where you might expect them to be.

    Is there any plugin feature (or workaround) to – backup current Widgets automatically for restoring when switching. I haven’t found any other automated method that (automatically) backup Widgets for restoring after switching.

    2. Caching
    I work with WP SUPER CACHE and there’s a checkbox in the advance options – Mobile device support.
    Because I haven’t tested live yet, I am not sure if that option covers the mobile detector to work well with cached files.
    Any advice is welcome,

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  • Diogo15


    1 – Update wordpress to 3.3!!
    2 – No idea!!



    As far as I know, wordpress 3.3 is not available yet.
    Does 3.3 address widgets issues?



    Just installed 3.3 and it work!
    This is one of the new 3.3 features – it “remembers” the last widgets.
    What a luck – having the new version 3.3 just on time.

    Interesting. I am using the latest version of WP (3.4.1) and the latest themes and when I switch to twenty-eleven as my mobile them I lose *most* of my widgets. The only thing retained is archives and meta – everything else is gone, which is driving me nuts on how to fix.

    Any suggestions?

    I also lose the header settings…..

    Check if you have some widget setting hardcoded in the sidebar.php of your original theme.
    The feature which “remembers” the widgets is related to the administration area of your site – appearance/widget

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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