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  • i’m wondering the same thing (??)

    Me too!

    So has anyone figured out what happened?

    It just seems to have disappeared. There are other plugins out there but the closes one I tried I had major issues with.

    I’d like to know too. The plugin homepage and blog doesn’t mention this and it’s gone from here a while now.

    Want this real bad but situation seems a little iffy.

    Anyone care to comment further on experiences using Better WP Minify with SuperCache?

    I have a multisite setup.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The plugin rules have – since the directory started – said that any “Powered by..” link must be Off be default. This plugin had the link On. So it was closed and the author emailed and asked to change how it worked. This was on Feb 13. Just that change is all that is needed to get it back. Have no idea why the author has not yet done this.

    Sometimes it’s much better to have such advanced plugin available with checkbox in illegal “On” position, then to have the proper nothing.
    “Powered by..” link is not so crucial fault. Specifically there it was the small trick for that user will switch it off and “agree to donate or write about this plugin”.
    Hope this pity incident will be resolved.

    I tried Better WP Minify but could not get it working locally on my dev multisite. It may have been just me though. I have not used SuperCache.

    Please give update about wp minify.

    I am using wp super cache and want to know if there is any other advanced plugin which can combine, compress js, css and minify html also.

    Because the plug-in does not meet the WP plug-in standards, so this plugin is temporarily off the shelf

    Please, does anyone have the zip for the latest wp-minify

    Really badly need it

    Many thanks

    I keep checking back for this, looking for it. If anyone has the email of the author, I’d be happy to send him a note saying Please.

    Since everyone knows WP is very slow, it seems like they would encourage ANY plugin to help get it up to snuff online nowadays.

    you can still get it via SVN here:

    forgive me for being dull, how would you get it via SVN? i dont see a zipped file to download?

    I downloaded it and have made to zip-files available:

    Tags 1.1.6 to 1.1.8:

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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