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  • When i updated to WP3.4.1 today i too noticed it stopped working but upon further inspection and checking the error logs i noticed that it was having problems retrieving the l10n.js file which no longer exists. But it wasnt its fault since i had manually included the .js file via the wp_enqueue script and so when it couldnt find it the plugin broke. All i had to do was remove my enqueue function.

    ALSO, there is an ongoing issue which i PRAY the developer fixes where this plugin seems to have issues when you have you .js files (or css files) located in the footer region. And that inlcudes using enqueue_script/css and attaching it into the footer. When you do i notice wp-minify just ignores them and when you check your source code you see they are just sitting around not combined. The way i’ve solved it is to move it into other wp files higher up in the chain (e.g. header.php) and this plugin works again.

    So with some minor tweaks i am good to go again with this great plugin.

    If the dev reads this ALSO is there a way to do a bit more tidy compression on css and js. I find when i use YUI Compressor i can get even better compression than this plugin.

    Thnaks for the tips.
    I’m not that skilled to tweak things myself so I will wait for the developer to handle this.

    Hi again. Sorry to get all geeky on ya. Based on your problem though it sounds to me wp-minify stopped because it probably didnt find some of its js/css files.

    Try this: Open up the Page source of the site you are having problems with. Now hunt for the “.js” (and .css) file to see if it is a cache file from wp-minify folder (you can tell based on the path name). Click to open this file. If you see something like “HTTP 404” inside then that is the problem.

    You should be able to open up the error_log file that was generated on your site home dir and see the exact reason it failed.

    Mine works fine. Using WP 3.4.1. In my case i had to pull back on my customization (revert it back to its original release) before it worked again).

    Of course you can also try disabling and re-enabling the plugin (clear its cache) to see if that might help.

    Oh, and if you provide me with a link i’d be happy to check your site’s source for ya and confirm if that is the problem.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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