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  • Hi

    I need a download section for my site for registered members only, and I would like to be able to show/hide category products/downloads depending on the member.

    I am not sure whether the wp-members plugin will work for me. Could I use this plugin to hide certain categories/pages only? I also couldn’t understand from the documents of this plugin whether it is compatible with wp 1.5?

    any ideas?

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  • whooami



    … compatible with wp 1.5?

    You must be joking, right? What you need is to upgrade.

    Please tell me that you will be upgrading. Please tell me that you dont expect anyone to assist you, which would only make it easier for you to NOT upgrade.

    Any web site running 1.5 ought to be shot and put to rest immediately there are so many exploits available for it in the wild.

    Once you upgrade, look at this page–there’s a tutorial there also.

    Extended Profile

    thanks, I was not asking for assistance in upgrading. I’ll do it asap. no need for such an excitement there whooami.

    Just was trying to understand whether the members plugin will work for my purpose or not.

    The extended profile looks interesting thanks MichaelH. I also found the category access plugin, with which you can assign categories per user, which is awsome.

    I basically need to make certain categories available to certain registered users, though in my case they are not actually users but rather members, as they are not contributing to the site and I wouldn’t like them to see the backend, or the dashboard.




    I disagree pret, and I will look forward to seeing your next post being something thats asking for assistance with a more secure version of WordPress.

    Your blatant lack of inaction in attending to an upgrade adversely affects everyone else on the web.

    I cannot understand why you are insisting insulting me. If you read my reply properly you will see that I said that I am going to upgrade asap (“I was not asking for assistance in upgrading. I’ll do it asap.”)




    Am I insulting you? I’m pointing out the obvious – nothing else, nothing more, and Im being VERY polite about it.

    That you didn’t ask for help in upgrade means nothing. You asked for “help” on a community forum. We aren’t limited in the scope of our answers by what you do or don’t want to hear.

    If you want to be insulted, be. I’m moving on to more interesting topics.

    pret: I’m using the userextra plugin which lets you, per user/member, allow or deny categories.

    What might work for you is the category visibility plugin, but it’s not quite working (as far as I know) with WP 2.1.

    Because of that, I’m just using the subscribers only plugin, which lets you make a single post only viewable for subscribers. For example here. If you were a member/user, you could see that page.

    I hope that was more helpful than confusing …

    thanks a lot likoma. I think userextra is the right one, as I need more control over which member/subscriber will see which category etc.

    Hey pret,
    What did you do? I have the same needs of you: a download page restricted to registered users and, if it is posible, a register form…

    userextra cracked my WordPress! I thinks some incompatibility with gengo…

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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