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  • Hi,

    to be honest i am not a pro in WP and plugins, but i got the Members-Plugin working on the last WP-Version before 3.3. It worked for my premium members and granted them access through the podpress premium feed. Since i updated to WP 3.3 the premium-users are still able to login directly on the site and use the premium content, but iTunes keeps telling them that they have the wrong password for the feed. I donĀ“t know if this is a Problem with Members or with Podpress, but i am pretty desperate to get this fixed.

    Has anyone else experienced Problems with that?


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  • Well we might get enough to get someone to do your job for a week!

    Thanks for all your help ntm!

    I’m trying to get the premium feed working as I finally have some time.
    I’ve downloaded the latest development version but cannot get the premium feed to work in iTunes.

    I deactivated Podpress
    deleted podpress and installed the latest beta which is v8.8.10.14 beta 6.
    but the latest beta does not keep any podpress items saved, so I can’t even test a normal page.
    Where can I get v8.8.10.14 beta 3?

    Thank you for the bug report!
    Please, try beta 7, which is now the Development Version.

    Hello, beta 7 fixes the issue of not saving any attachments in a post.
    I was able to get the premium feed in iTunes, but still get the login error.
    Thank you

    I have made some modifications to the authentication mechanism. Please try beta 8. But notice if you want to access the /?feed=premium or /feed/premium feed then you need to create a new user which has the role Premium Subscriber. I think about changing this behaviour. Maybe all with the capability premium_content should probably be able to access the feed too.

    If you use the Digest Method for the Premium Feed login then the Premium Subscriber has to login to the blog one time before he/she can login to the Premium feed.

    I am having this same issue. I am using podPress Version beta 11 and have created new users with “Premium Subscriber” role (premium_subscriber) that has “premium_content” enabled. When I try to view the Premium Feed, I get prompted for username/password…I enter that info, after first logging into WordPress, and get prompted for username/password over and over, but no access to the feed.

    Please let me know how to remedy this situation



    Hi Matt,

    the Premium Subscriber needs to login before he starts to request/open the Premium Feed.
    The username is the username of the WP login as well as the password. Some browser show “Premium Subscribers Content” above the input fields. But that is not the username.

    Have used the WP login name?
    Which authentication method do you use? Digest or Basic?



    The user logged into the wordpress site before trying feed.
    Used the WordPress site login id and password.
    Using the Digest method.

    thanks again


    Well, it should work. It does work in my blog. That is why I have no concrete idea what the problem is.
    Only if I enter the wrong username or password then the browser will continue to ask for the right combination.

    Maybe there is one thing you should also try. Since the Premium Feed is a RSS Feed you should clear the cache memory of your browser each time before you reload the feed. (Some browser cache the feed and would update the content only after a certain amount of time.)
    Furthermore after clearing the browser cache, close the browser and open it again to set back the login status for the Premium Feed.


    I tried clearing cache, browser cache, and site cache, and still get same issue.

    I will setup a premium content user for you on my site so that you can see the response, if that would help.


    thanks again for your help



    I have contacted you via your contact form. I’m interested to see the behaviour of the login dialogue myself. But to find out more about the problem will make some arrangements in the development version so it will be possible to log all steps in a log file. This way I can analyse what is different in your blog. But I will have these modification ready at the beginning of next week and give you more instruction when I will have uploaded the modifications.


    Hi Matt,

    I have seen that the development version does not work in your blog and could observe the same login behaviour.

    In order to find more out about what is happening in your blog and why the login does not work, I have made some modifications to the current development version. All the function which are involved in the login process will save status messages in a log file if you switch on a certain PHP constant.
    Besides defining the constant the plugin (the script) should be allowed to create and write to the log file. Sometimes this is allowed by default. On other servers it is necessary that the log file folder has the same owner and group as the PHP scripts (or nobody:nogroup).

    A good way to define the constant is to create in the folder /wp-content/plugins/ the sub folder podpress_options/ and create a PHP file with the name pordpress_config.php in this folder. This file may contain this:

    if ( ! defined( 'PODPRESS_DEBUG_LOG' ) ) { define( 'PODPRESS_DEBUG_LOG', TRUE ); }

    podPress recognises the file and the definition in this file and writes all its actions into the podpress_log.dat file in the /wp-content/plugins/podpress/ folder. (You may use the podpress_config-sample.php in the podPress folder. Instructions are in that file.)
    You can control whether all things are setup correctly on the general settings page of podPress. The section System Information contains an info about the status of the PODPRESS_DEBUG_LOG constant.
    If the constant is defined, please define a new Premium Subscriber user, login with this user and open afterwards the premium feed and (try to) login there too.
    Afterwards set the constant to FALSE to prevent unnecessary load and logging actions.

    Please, send me the podpress_log.dat file via email.


    Hi Matt,

    thank you for the for doing the test and for sending me the log file and the screen-shot of the error message!
    I have uploaded a new Development Version ( beta 16). I’m not sure whether the new modifications will solve the problem. But the error message you have encountered before should be gone and it will be possible to get a log file which will show a more complete list of events. Due to the error the log file you have send me did only include some of the events (until the error happened).

    Please, login again with the Premium Subscriber, log out and try to load the premium feed.

    If the login-dialogue does not end then please send me the log file again.



    I upgraded to the new beta 16 version and logged in with my testuser, logged back out, then tried to load premium feed and continue to get repeated login requests as in the original issue.

    As a side note, changing the log flag to TRUE in the /wp-content/plugins/podpress_options/pordpress_config.php had no effect in switching on the logging function, however I was able to temporarily change the flag to TRUE in the /wp-content/plugins/podpress/podpress.php to get the logging to work

    thanks again for all your help and hard work on this issue


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