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  • Resolved Shashank Shekhar


    I have installed wp-memebrs on wordpress 3.5 on my localhost Wampserver (32 bits & PHP 5.4) 2.2E. After activation went to wp-members settings page, but the ‘WP Member Options’ tab settings form completely white blank with fatal error in bottom saying “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpmem_a_rss_box() in H:\wamp\www\mysite\wp-content\plugins\wp-members\admin\tab-options.php on line 36” . So not able to setup and use this plugin.
    There is some incompatiblity of this plugin with either wp 3.5 or php 4, that must be fixed to start using this plugin.
    Please let me know if any solution, and also later fix it in next version soon.

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Well, the 2.8 version of the plugin is fully compatible with WP 3.5. and that error would have nothing to do with WP compatibility or PHP. It’s just saying it is calling a function that it cannot find.

    The function where that function is called calls two functions, wpmem_a_meta_box and wpmem_a_rss_box. Both of those are found in admin/dialogs.php. So if that file was not loaded properly, then you would actually get an error message for the meta box function first.

    So, knowing that the plugin is not broken and that there are no known bugs in this area, there are a few possibilities:

    1. This function was added late in the 2.8 development and was not included in all of the beta release candidates that were released. So if you had one of those installed at any point it could be possible that you have one updated file and one out of date.

    2. If this was a new install or an update via the WP plugin panel, sometimes errors occur during the download. If that was the case, it could be possible that you have a corrupted file in the installation.

    3. You didn’t mention this and I assume that this is not the case, but user edits to any of the files could result in errors.

    In any of these (or other possibilities), my recommendation would be a clean install. Deactivate the plugin, then use the delete option in the WP plugin panel (this will run the plugin uninstall function to clear out any traces of the plugin). Then reinstall. You could reinstall via the WP plugin panel, but I would recommend downloading the zip package, just in case #2 above was the problem.

    Thanks for quick reply. FYI I had installed the latest wp-members 2.8 version on a clean fresh installed wordpress 3.5 with no other plugin conflicting. But as per your suggestion I have deleted and reinstalled it again, but still no avail! Its the same fatal error showing. May be some priority calling or is_defined check needed over this function.
    Anyways, I have just commented out // wpmem_a_rss_box(); -> line 36 (I think it doesn’t affect other functionality). Its working with this doing, may be others getting this problem can solve it in this way. But will be good if solved properly. Not a big issue.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Thanks for the additional detail and followup. After staring at things for a little bit, I did find what the problem likely is.

    Just above that function in admin/dialogs.php, there is an opening php delimiiter that is inadvertently a short tag (<? rather than <?php).

    Short tags were disabled by default in php 5, but most installations do have them turned on in php.ini. The problem only manifests itself when short tags are not turned on.

    This is something that has been pointed out in 2.8 and is corrected in the 2.8.1 development version (not yet released), as the short tag there was not intentional (for obvious reasons).

    I’ve gone ahead and corrected the 2.8 package, but you could fix it in your install by changing /admin/dialogs.php line 178 to be: </div><?php

    Yes you are absolutely right! This was the shorttag breaking the plugin. I have corrected the php tag and it worked. The little things missed at one place can cause havoc in the other world of development… 🙂
    Thanks for the fix and for the quick positive responses.
    This plugin is too great for all purpose, and I have created a top login dropdown/toggle widget with it similar to facebook/twitter after-login dropbox.

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Thanks for the update.

    For future users, I have have posted information about the bug and fix here:

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