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  • Hi all,

    Using WP-Members on a site.
    I want newly registered members to be manually approved.
    But as soon as anyone registers, they get a short message saying their registration will be approved within 24 hours, but then the broweser loads the restricted page anyway.

    I’ve checked the option “Holds new registrations for admin approval”
    The concerning page has the special “Block” field.
    When they first see the site it is blocked.

    What am I missing?


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  • The browser loads the restricted “page” or the “content” – the plugin wouldn’t restrict the page itself from loading, but if the user is not registered (or approved, in this case) it would load with a login form in place of the blocked content.

    If the custom field you are using is “Block” you will run into a problem. This is case sensitive and should be “block” – if you put it in with an uppercase B, you’ll probably need to manually remove that meta from the database.

    Probably most important, do you have the plugin set to manually approve registrations? You indicated that’s what you want, but you didn’t necessarily say that the plugin option for this was turned on (it’s not turned on by default).

    Hi Chad,

    Thanks for you reply.
    I’ve checked the following:
    “block” is in lower case
    the option “Holds new registrations for admin approval”is checked/selected

    So again, when some one is not registerd, they get a login screen.
    After filling in their details as a new user, a short message appears that they will be approved within 24 hours (A message I’ve added my self in the backend).
    But seconds later the restricted page still loads.

    any other suggestions?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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