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    Is there any way that you can use wp-members as the login and then link the account with the user access manager plugin?

    I am looking to create a login with access to various client pages but these need to be secure so that clients cant view each others.

    I have both, but at present it isn’t working and in the tests I have done, clients can view each others pages.

    Can this be doen with wp-members and user access manager? or is thee a better way?

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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Sounds like what you want is to have a page that displays specific content to a particular user, but other users cannot see it.

    That’s something WP-Members could do, but you would need some custom functions.

    There are a number of hooks in the plugin for hooking in custom functions. I think that you could accomplish this by hooking a function to either wpmem_block or wpmem_securify. What you would want to do is block or secure the page/post based on (1) what page it is and (2) what user is accessing it.

    I am new to this, I found your page of hooks, so where and how do I install or add these to the plugin?

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    You don’t have to “install” hooks. The hooks are locations in the plugin that you can “hook into” with additional functions.

    For each hook, the hook documentation gives information on the parameter(s) passed through the hook and what (if anything) you need to return. My guess is for what you are trying to do, wpmem_securify would the filter hook you would use. The add_filter call and the associated filter function that you write would go into your theme’s functions.php file.

    This free tutorial on the support site takes you through how to use a filter function for the plugin. The example shows you how to use wpmem_login_redirect to redirect to the password change dialog the first time they login. That should give you an idea of how these things work and how to work with them.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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