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    @cbutlerjr I have a blog which is quite active. I would really like an advice as to whether your wp-members plugin can do this.

    I would like to display the comment form (and not the dumb text that “you need to be logged in to comment”)

    And once anyone fills in the comment form, then s/he is redirected to some intermediate registration / login page.

    In the different demo pages of your plugin, it seems to be working in similar manner for the posts. But does that work for comments also?

    Two more questions

    1) in a multisite install can wp-member be setup only for a single blog

    2) Is your plugin compatible with Cimy Extra Field plugin?


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    @anup – It doesn’t work that way for comments. But I think I see where you are going with this – content is not the premium, but rather the ability to participate in the discussion? Let me think on this and come back with some comments later.

    I’m not sure about how well it functions in a multisite environment. I’m not a multisite user and, although a lot of the features are driven by user requests/needs, it’s primary usage has not been in that area.

    For the other question, I would turn it around and say I don’t think it would be incompatible. But depending on what you are thinking as far as integration, there could be a certain about of bending and fitting involved. (Note: the fields in the plugin can currently programaticaly customized, and I’m adding a GUI for that in the admin panel – currently scheduled to be included in 2.6, after a 2.5.2 incremental update.)

    Hope that helps – let me know if you want to expand on any of this.

    @cbutlerjr Many thanks for your reply. Meanwhile, I have also tested your plugin (preliminarily) and it seems to be the one I need.

    Yes you put it right – the ability to participate. And particularly the ability to participate responsibly and with proper disclosure – not just run of the mill type with fake emails and pseudonyms

    I have kind of thought the following regarding the issue:
    (lets forget multisite – the blog version of plugin is fine)

    1. The replies by the blog admin should not display to unregistered users

    2. Only the registered users should be able to view comments by blog admin

    3. Only registered users should be able to comment / reply to comment

    4. The registered users should go through the email verification process prior to registration

    5. The blog admin should be able to moderate user registration after the email verification process is completed

    Now to the (1), I guess I have to put something on top of comments.php like <?php if (!is_user_logged_in() && is_post()) { // comments by user id=x not visible } ?> instead of the code suggested in the documentation

    Now I am not sure as to what to put in this part of coding (“comments by user id=x not visible”).

    Point (2) and (3) is automatic – and requires nothing to do

    Point (4) – I have not yet tested wp-members plugin whether it works with email verification – and its also not there is documentation

    Point (5) – This the plugin can do – but does this functionality work with Point (4)? I have still to test

    Your plugin obviously has great functionality (and nice clean interface).

    The particular blog is at:
    thanks again, anup

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    On (1) – actually, with the new update, that code is no longer required. The plugin blocks all comments by default if the user is not logged in. But even with that, it’s the same issue – have to have something that would hide comments from user_id=x.

    (2) would be covered if (1) was solved, (3) is covered by WP settings.

    (4) would have to be figured out, but that’s essentially the registration process of the plugin – user must provide a valid email address to receive a password.

    (5) you are correct, that is built into the plugin. When moderation is turned on, the user does not receive access until the registration is approved.

    @cbutlerjr Thanks – thats really cool. And thanks for the response.

    To the point (1). I would really like to show comments to unlogged users. Only hide comments of the admin from the unlogged users.

    To the logged in users, all comments are visible including comments by admin.

    I guess if wp-members can block comments from all users, it can also make some exceptions – as show all comments except comment from user_id=”x” kind of thing.

    Till now, I have found that one plugin:

    does this kind of thing. But it hides the comments of specified user (eg. admin) even from logged in users !

    I only wish there is some solution to such kind of thing.

    If there is such solution in your plugin, then that would be the best plugin solution for post/page/comments.

    While there are so many post/page plugins, very rarely developers give comments any value to provide the flexibility of posts to comments. (Even WP core developers dont give it the required attention it needs)

    thanks again, anup

    I must say you have made an EXCELLENT plugin. I just implemented it at and would be implementing it on other blogs as well.

    I only hope you do something about the comment system that we have discussed previously.

    many thanks, anup

    Plugin Author Chad Butler


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I like the ideas you presented. These are definitely items that I’ll look into and put into the project list.

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