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  • I’m sure I must be doing something stupid, or just not understanding things…
    I’ve got WPM 2.6 installed and have defined a bunch of custom fields. Some of these are for admin use only, so to stop individual users seeing/amending them, I unticked the ‘displayed’ box, so that they don’t show up on registration forms or anywhere else a user can look. All OK so far.


    They now don’t seem to show up anywhere – so not even the admin can see them. Since I can’t see the point of being able to define a field that absolutely no-one can see at all, I figure I must be doing something wrong…but what?

    btw – to whoever wrote this: I’ve looked at several ways to manage a user-driven WP site, and this comes easily closest so far – thanks!

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  • 2.6 added the ability to add/delete fields, so up until now, the purpose of the “display” option for the fields was to check off the registration fields you wanted to use, and uncheck the ones you didn’t want. There never really was occasion to have fields used only by the admin, but not shown on the front end registration.

    To be honest, I hadn’t really thought of that before, since in the past, it was you either used the field or you didn’t. Now that you mention it, with the ability now to delete fields that are unused, it might make sense to utilize the “display” option to show on the front end and still have all of the fields in the list show on the admin side. That certainly would expand the ways in which the plugin could be used.

    In the meantime, if you want to tweak it yourself to be able to see them with on the user detail page, it is a pretty easy change:

    Open wp-members-admin.php. At line 62 (in the function wpmem_admin_fields), you will see:

    if($wpmem_fields[$row][6] == "n" && $wpmem_fields[$row][4] == "y") { ?>

    Change it to:

    if($wpmem_fields[$row][6] == "n") { ?>

    Then you’ll be able to see the field on the user detail page, but it won’t show to the user for registration.

    (Note: if you plan to export user data and include these fields, changes to wp-members-export.php to take out the beginning of the if statement if ($wpmem_fields[$row][4] == 'y') { at lines 48 & 75, and the closing curly brace } at lines 50 & 81.)

    Hope that helps.

    That’s great – and it works, too! Many thanks for your prompt and efficient help.

    I have three problems:

    1) It seems that is still infected with the js:IFrame-DL [Trj] because avast warns me and Sucuri notes it on a scan of that site as well.

    2) I have version 2.6.0 and the fields (spaces) for members to log in (user name, password, etc) are too long and goes over into my right column… is there a way to adjust the length??

    3) I click on “settings” for the plugin and I get “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.”. The settings was working before and I didn’t get this notice before. I do not have Timthumb.php anywhere on my site, as best as I can tell, but would this error be the result of of that js:IFrame-DL [Trj]??

    Love the program, and would very much consider donating, but the js:IFrame-DL [Trj] exploit is concerning and an unanswered post that I made in the past is equally of concern. Hope to hear back from someone this time tho :).

    Hi Don,
    Re: 1 I get this warning from Avast too. So far, I’ve ignored it with no apparent harm done!

    Re:2 I don’t get this problem but I’d imagine you should be able to fix it somewhere in the file wp-members.css.

    Re: 3 There is a fix for this somewhere on the ButlerBlog site. I don’t think you can access directly – you need to choose ‘Settings’ from the Admin Dashboard (i.e. column on the left of the screen), then choose WP-Members from the sub-menu.


    Thank you Michael. I’m out and about, but will try later on. Thanks a lot!

    Michael – thanks for addressing!

    Don – some followups in addition to Micheal’s comments –

    1) This is a WP exploit that I have addressed before, so not sure why it’s coming up – but you should find it clean now.

    2) This is simply a matter of CSS customization which is covered both in the plugin’s Users Guide and this post, both of which are linked on the plugin page (there’s lots more info there as well, I have tried to include information from the most common questions that I receive). I have gotten the question regarding width more than a few times so I think I need to add some clarity on the site (and maybe the FAQs) that emphasizes form width issues can be addressed using the stylesheet. Hope that helps clear it up (and gives you some info to go on) – if not, let me know.

    3) As Michael pointed out, there were a couple of bugs in the 2.6 release and this was one of them. It was not a major issue, as the settings were accessible via the admin menu – this was just the link in the installed plugins list. Regardless, I released 2.6.1 today which is a bug fix release for 2.6. A full list of what is corrected is available here.

    The mod outlined above also needs to be updated in wp-members-admin.php at line 118 from this:

    if ($wpmem_fields[$row][6] == "n" && $wpmem_fields[$row][4] == "y") {

    to this:

    if( $wpmem_fields[$row][6] == "n" ) {

    Thank you Chad, I’ll try customizing the CSS. Which one do I customize… plugins-css-wp-members-styles-admin.css or plugins-css-wp-members.css? I’m not sure which widths need to be edited, but I’ll search around. Thaqt’s the best way to learn :). Was the last post “The mod outlined above also needs to be updated…” for me or Michael? And by the way, Michael?? If I stepped on ya here (since you’re the OP), I sincerely apologize. I just occurred to me that I may have.

    That last post was for Michael (or more specifically, anyone who was inclined to need to mod that was the subject of this thread)… Not a big deal.

    Focus on wp-members.css. I would highly recommend following the steps outlined in the post I mentioned: Customize the WP-Members Stylesheet. If you edit the css file directly, you’ll just overwrite any changes when you upgrade the plugin.

    Chad – many, many thanks. I was told, once, something I should have thought of from the get-go: If you change code, and then stuff doesn’t work – don’t look any further than your own keyboard before casting about for something else to blame 🙂 Thanks again – and thanks for a great plug-in too!

    Don: No apology needed, I assure you. Btw – if you’re not familiar with editing CSS code, have a hunt around for a program called Top Style – it’s a visual, kind of WYSIWYG editor for CS that takes some of the guesswork out of the way. I think there’s a freeware/shareware version around somewhere.

    Chad, Michael, thank you. I have a busy weekend, but will see what I can do with it. Chad, I have that page bookmarked. Michael, I’ll check out that program. Thanks again both :).

    Found the code to reduce the textbox width, and have it set to view properly. The following areas are still bleeding over and outside of center column tho:
    Remember me
    Forgot password? Click here to reset
    New User? Click here to register
    Captcha box (those things are SO hard to read, btw. Need it tho).
    Clear Form Submit buttons

    I have no idea what the lines/code are for those, so no idea on how to change their widths or align(?) them. If I knew css, well, I wouldn’t be bothering ya :).

    Maybe it would be easier to just change my theme’s center space… widen the center column.

    You might actually be better off using the table based forms. Select “Legacy forms” in the plugin settings.

    Thank you Chad, I’ll try that when I get a chance.

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