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  • Calling testers, coders and all ye who live on the edge. WP-Medic is a tool for diagnosing and troubleshooting WordPress systems. Think of it as a way to do things that are too obscure for wp-admin to help with, or to turn to when you can’t log into wp-admin at all because a plugin has gone amok. Current features are:

    • Mass plugin management
    • Squishing the sent headers error
    • Categorize posts that don’t have categories
    • Update path options
    • Check core file integrity
    • Options table editor
    • SQL query runner

    WP-Medic Release Candidate 1:


    Upload it to a wp-medic folder in your WP root (ie, where wp-config.php resides.) Then load its location in your brower. It does require that a few of your wp files work fine, especially wp-config.php and wp-includes/wp-db.php. Bang on it incessantly and post here with any comments. We’re especially looking for bugs (as usual), feature requests, and thoughts on usability/pleasantness.


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  • Yes me!! It must be all that right living I’m doing. There’s been a lot of great plugins released lately and this is another one. I’m off to play….

    Since this is not your garden variety plugin to be plopped into the plugins folder, the above information should be in a readme.txt file that ships with the plugin. In fact this should be the de facto standard for ANY plugin. A readme.txt file that states what to the plugin’s author may be the obvious, but to the rest of us morons out here … well, you know what I mean. Just a suggestion.

    Oops, that’s something to keep in mind. Also, it can basically be run from anywhere, so if people think it’d be better we can just arrange for it to assume that it’s in the wp-content/plugins folder instead.

    We’ll have it try to detect its location automatically and adjust accordingly in the next version, so it can go in the main directory or the plugins directory no hitch.

    Check core file integrity is comparing with v1.5.1.3, not 1.5.2. Plugin Management screen should have a check/uncheck all button. Wording on Sent Headers Squisher page could probably be a bit more clear that unless your seeing an error this shouldn’t be used; if possible do some test and disallow access if no error is present.

    Feature request: Check for new versions of installed plugins.

    Very cool overall.

    [Edited for clarity; it’s late and I’m tired!]

    I agree. What I like is it checks to be sure that there are no orphan posts, that all have categories. Very cool for someone who’s just migrated a blog.

    Also, every WP newbie on the planet should install this plugin to troubleshoot the “headers already sent” issue!

    Great job!

    Confused here… What’s the password?

    I dont have a username called “admin”


    nevermind… i just changed all the calls to ‘admin’ to a username that exists


    Yeah, better username management is definitely on our list. For now, try logging into WordPress first and then loading wp-medic? Keep in mind that www. in the url vs not having one makes a difference when you load wp-medic—use the way you logged into WordPress, with or without a www.


    The SQL Query Interface is completely money!

    A few more ideas:

    * Check that you’re running the latest WordPress version so you’re not missing security and/or bug fixes.
    * Security checking – check file permissions, .htaccess, database password, etc. to make sure user is using secure settings. Recommend more secure passwords, enabling mod_security, etc…

    The plan for the final release is to have the latest checksums be fetched from my server so that its always up to date. mod_security is something we won’t recommend (partly because it screws over WP-Medic to begin with). File permissions checking is planned, I don’t know about setting database passwords though, that’d involve including a dictionary or something to check passwords against.

    Just a suggestion, it should grab from the wordpress site if possible, some people have issues with contacting others servers (who knows why in this case, but you’ll get crap, no matter what you do :p) alsoit might be a bit of a load if you get alot of people using this plugin.

    but i cold also be crazy :p

    Matt has asked in the past that we not pull checkouts down directly on requests, so I’m going to keep a local cache of md5sums and of files for the diff. Server load and bandwidth are the least of my worries.

    A very good idea for a set of tools, but I have a couple of suggestions.

    – The MySql query execution is probably too risky for too many reasons.
    – How integerating something like into one of the “rooms”?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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