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  • Hi,

    I see that there have been some posts/complaints about the WP media library, and I’m sure the WP gurus are aware of the issues.
    So, hopefully this will come across as positive commentary. I’m far from skilled and smart enough to know how the media library interacts with WP features, themes, hosts, plugins etc.

    1) Will there eventually be a better way to organize the media files? I’m sure most of us want to be able to find and work with our media files easily, when needed.
    Sort by page or post, sort by gallery, sort by image/gallery plugin containing images/media, sort by featured/header images etc.
    Even if it’s a text “Notes” field that can be sorted.
    I’m only working with a few hundred media files. I feel for those working with thousands of images or multi-sites.

    2) Images that are attached (header/featured images for example or images in a gallery)always show as unattached. I have 150 “unattached” files that are definitely attached somewhere. Where?

    3) It would be nice if the Jetpack/WP tiled gallery feature adds sizing and placement options at some point.

    For now, it seems the only practical solution is to create very specific media file folders on our computers/cloud for backup and reference.

    Mostly, I’d like to know if WP is working on this issue, or if it is something that is unfixable.


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