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  • So, last night I posted something to my blog without a problem. I used the ‘add media’ to add pictures. I wake up this morning and go to make a post with images and when I try to upload something to insert into a post I get: ‘an error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.’

    None of the previously uploaded media is visible in the add media screen as it had been. I notice that even tho it errors out, it still uploads it to the library. However, If I try to attach it to the message there, it doesn’t list my post. I see this error happening with people after upgrades and installing new plug-ins. I have not upgraded, but I have installed a new plug-in; ThreeWP Broadcast. However I inserted media and posted after that install so I would assume that isn’t the problem. Obviously, I deactivated it, flushed cache, restart, deactivated all plugins, cache, restart and at no time through any of it did the site work as it should. Be advised that I do run the wordpress network on about 10 sites/blogs and it doesn’t work on any of them.

    I noticed some other strange goings-on too. On my main site, the administrative grey bar that appears at the top when viewing your blog is just a white bar (it works fine on all the other blogs) and a nag message about rating a theme that appears at the top of the control panel cannot be dismissed anymore (I have dismissed in the past). The only other thing I did between successful post and unsuccessful post is mark one blog/site as not public and archived it. I have since unarchived it and made it public again.

    I thought it might be a problem with my browser, so I tried in IE, it does not work there too.


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  • Well, to those concerned: I reinstalled wordpress from the update page and that seemed to fix the problem. Of course it introduced another, an extremely long post box that won’t retain its size if I try to shrink it. good grief

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