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  • I am using latest wp 3.5.1 with wp-members v2.8.1.
    Great plugin to profile edit, login, register, etc. within the site frontend itself, without letting users to go inside admin.

    By default, wp-members provides functionality to create additional user profile fields text, textarea, checkbox, dropdown, password. I need another user local avatar image field. So that my users will get another field for editing their profile image within frontend itself, on edit profile page.

    (additional info)
    Want to use in following precedence..
    1) First check for local avatar uploaded and display.
    2) If not found, check from as normal worpress does, and display it.
    3) If still not found, set default avatar image as in wordpress setting.

    It is like a feature request but will be great if such thing implemented in wp-members.

    Secondly, can I currently use another plugins like,,, etc. to handle the custom avatar uploading, etc. but let this field come, show and work on wp-members edit profile page (and on registration page) ?
    The above mentioned plugins can handle the user local upload and flow etc. but not letting users to edit profile in frontend as wp-members does.
    I am unable to find a way, such that I can show those image field on wp-members edit profile page, that saving after editing will save both wp-members normal fields along with new profile images.

    Can someone help me in this?


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  • Plugin Author Chad Butler


    I have not gone down the path of directly implementing file upload for custom avatars for a couple of reasons:

    1. WordPress already have avatar capability built in. It uses Gravatar by default, and with that, the avatar image is tied to the user’s email address.

    2. Adding a file upload process for this, while simple in concept, is a very large project. While it is on the “wish list”, it simply does not fit into the current project schedule.

    There may be a way to integrate usability with other plugins, or a custom upload process, but unfortunately, exploring that is also a time-consuming process.

    I would suggest exploring the use of Gravatar, since that capability is already there. There is a free article on my premium support site that gives an example of how to add a gravatar image to the sidebar login status. That should give you a starting point to work from.

    Thanks for responding Chad. I am agree with you and also checked ur ‘gravatar in login status’ link. Yes it can display the avatar what is set, but actually I wanted a way to add local avatar upload while registering or editing profile through wp-members plugin.
    You dont need to implement the upload or other related feature in wp-members, as I have found is the best suited plugin that can handle it and other required precedence flow by itself.
    But I want a way to just display wp-user-avatar field in wp-members registration/edit profile form, so that on submitting the form both avatar and wp-member data saved.

    I have also asked plugin author about this here: and she like the idea and interested to implement. But me or herself cannot success without your help as we dont know all possibilities with wp-members.

    Since if this done, will be a great feature as me (or other users too) building a site for students/employees registration/memberships which need their local pics which they can edit as an when they need. It will not need the users to go to gravatar for setting their global image. It will be awesome as wordpress or any plugin not capable to do this currently.

    Hope you will get sometime to give some hint over this or a little implementation help.


    I was having the same problem. When I went into the source code of the avatar plugin, I realized that it was more of an issue of role permissions. By default, WordPress registers new users under the “subscriber” role which gives them read-only permissions. This won’t allow the user to upload an avatar in the profile page, since they don’t have upload permissions.

    Try this:

    After you have the user avatar plugin installed, download a second plugin called “Advanced Access Manager” here

    Now manage the “subscriber” role so that it allows the subscriber to upload. However, you’re probably going to want to restrict the subscriber access from seeing the library, otherwise the user will be able to see every picture that anyone uploads. You can change that there as well.

    Now the upload form will be included and updated along with everything else when the user updates their profile.

    You’re probably going to have to do some hacking to get it to show up on the registration form, but at least the users can change it if they want.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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