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  • Is anyone willing to direct me to a “dummies guide” to installing wordpress? I’ve read so many forums and blogs about it and still don’t have it…I installed MAMP and whenever I try opening a template in DW i just get little php icons everywhere and can’t preview anything so obviously I’m doing something wrong 🙁 I really need it installed asap as I need to post a portfolio in applying for jobs. I’d really appreciate the help!

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    have you got WP running with the default theme or are you putting the cart before the horse & editing theme files first?

    I prefer XAMPP to MAMP on mac for a local install, but I guess thats a personal preference.

    There’s a tutorial here that might help:

    There’s something called themedreamer that might help you if you really must use Dreamweaver to edit themes, I have no idea how well it works as I haven’t needed to use Dreamweaver since I started using WordPress, but there’s a demo version of themedreamer so you can kick the tyres before you have to pay for it.

    I try opening a template in DW i just get little php icons

    What happens when you view the page in a browser– http://localhost or http://localhost:8888 should get you there? Just to rule out the possibility that this is a Dreamweaver problem.

    Also read this thread. Its also a ‘help me with a MAMP install’ thread and there are a few trouble shooting things in there you should try.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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