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  • I’ve been using the plugin for a while now, and have put my website into maintenance mode for a longer period of time (complete re-launch, will be working on it for a couple of weeks). I’ve put the plugin into countdown mode and it is always activated. However, every other morning, when I log in to work on the page, the plugin is deactivated. There are no other users on the page, so nobody else could possibly deactivate it except for me (which I have not done). I currently have no idea why this happens. Are there known issues with other plugins?

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  • Its not possible. Only an manual deactivaten, an bug in the code, that WP deactivate that or an change via FTP on the plugin is an possibility.

    also it is possible via access on database; maybe this one.
    Also can other plugin an plugin deactivated, but i dont know about an plugin, to do this.

    OK, it happened again this morning. The only plugin I can think of which may interfere with WP maintenance is the BackWup plugin. I’ve only been using it for 3 weeks now, and it backs up twice a week (Wednesdays and Fridays). All other plugins have been installed alongside WPMaint. for some time now, so don’t think they really interfere with it.

    Ryan Cowles


    Did you try contacting your host? I ran into a similar problem awhile back — The plugin kept deactivating itself (and actually the plugin folder from wp-content). It turned out our host (WP Engine) had a security script and for some reason the plugin triggered it. It might be worth looking into that as a possibility.

    I had this same issue too and I have BackWPup. I know BackWPup can disable the Maintenance Mode if you have the option “Set Blog Maintenance Mode on Database Operations” checked in your Job settings. Once the backup Job is complete it will turn off Maintenance mode.

    I think, that BackWPup have a option to support this plugin. If the backup run, than active it the WP Maintenance Mode plugin. Maybe this plugin have a bug – I will ask the author, is a good friend and team member.

    I have exactly the same problem. I’ve used this plugin many times before, but now it’s turning itself off frequently. I haven’t even been able to identify a pattern unfortunately. Even though the settings say that it’s activated (“True”) – I have to click the update button next to that to make it work again. I also have BackWPup installed but I have not told that to enable maintenance mode during operations. Would be grateful for any ideas – in the meantime, it’s forcing me to spend more time getting my new site up!

    Update: I think my problem is fixed. When I updated to the latest version of the BackWPup plugin the other day it wiped my settings (grr) and I hadn’t gotten around to re-entering the information. I did it earlier though and, since then, the MM plugin has been behaving normally and not turning itself off. I have no idea how these plugins interacted like that.

    Update #2: It’s not fixed. The plugin just turned itself off again and made my unfinished site live. Again.

    Frank – what’s going on?

    Yep, same here. My site isn’t finished either and it keeps turning itself off too. Very frustrating. I really like this plugin.

    Strange – I am also running into the same issue using WP Maintenance Mode | Version 1.8.6

    The present site is currently under development and I have set it in maintenance mode (and verify that it is working). The last two days it appears that the site somehow goes live and doesn’t stay in maintenance mode. Based on the comment regarding BackWPup – i deactivated it and will look into it more. But would appreciate it if anyone has found a solution regarding this.

    Recently this issue has been pretty random for me, but I also noticed that BackWPup was taking something like 3 hours to backup my (small) site. It was getting stuck on compressing files using ZIP, so I changed the compression method to TarGz to see if that changed anything. Since then, backups take around 3 minutes and my MM plugin doesn’t seem to be failing like before. For all I know (I’m not really a dev) this is just coincidence, but I thought I’d mention it anyway.

    The same problem I have. Even without touching any of plugins. Please sort it out, as this is a good plugin, and we just have a weird thing happening – it switches off by itself, but in settings shows that it’s activated.

    Ok – my problem is back. I haven’t changed anything and MM has been fine for days. But it turned itself off again this morning.

    Why has this thread been marked ‘resolved’ when it clearly is not?!

    Lawn Dude


    Have loved using this great plugin, but is not working, is not accepting any configurations, using it on more than one site at this time and the same for all. Will not accept a specific return date, keeps wanting to
    publish the ‘back in 60 minutes’.

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