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  • A while back my website got stuck in maintenance mode while updating plugins and I deleted the maintenance file. I now need to put my website into maintenance mode but it doesn’t work. I am assuming it is because I deleted the maintenance file. So does anyone know how I could solve this problem?

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • Hello,

    Maintenance file gets generated automatically, when WordPress is running any updates of Versions, themes or plugins. Once the update is done it removes the maintenance file and if the update gets stuck you need to remove the maintenance file manually.

    Now if you wish to put the site under maintenance due to any of the reason which is not associated with any updates of WordPress related files, you either need to install a Maintenance Mode Plugin or Using a custom function.

    Let me know if this information helped.




    To clarify: A “maintenance file” is not the same as using a maintenance or coming soon plugin to block website visitors.

    Various plugins are available-use this link:

    See if any of the plugins are what you are looking for.

    Hello @sitector,

    Were you using any maintenance plugin earlier? Check them out here I especially use the one from SeedProd But any of them should do the work for you.

    Hope this helps


    Hello @sitector!
    Try using this plugin,, this plugin allows you to add a maintenance page to your blog that lets visitors know that your blog is down for maintenance. Here is a video showing how to use it:
    Let me know if it worked!!

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    Thank you. I appreciate all the suggestions. Unfortunately none of them have solved my problem. I have tried several different plugins even plugins that give the website a password. I have activated the plugins and tested the website in several different browsers, I tried in private mode on browsers and even on different devices but in all cases the website was neither password protected nor in maintenance mode.

    Does anyone know what the problem could be based on the info above?

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