wp-mail.php support for rfc1738 appendix (angle brackets around URLs in text) (2 posts)

  1. Spode
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I want to include plain text messages e-mailed to the blog which contain URLs formatted with angle brackets as per the Appendix of RFC 1738
    "APPENDIX: Recommendations for URLs in Context"
    Currently, the brackets are faithfully retained in the post, which results in the URLs not being visible as they are perceived as invalid html tags.

    Could wp-mail.php handle them by either stripping out the brackets, or by converting them to entities (e.g. < and > ) - or could someone point me to instructions on how to set this up myself?

    for this URL: http://library.ust.hk/cgi/db/pqd-pubid.pl?37141
    1 - <http://library.ust.hk/cgi/db/pqd-pubid.pl?37141>
    2 - <URL:http://library.ust.hk/cgi/db/pqd-pubid.pl?37141>
    Both probably stripped, so repeating with entities:
    1 - <http://library.ust.hk/cgi/db/pqd-pubid.pl?37141>
    2 - <URL:http://library.ust.hk/cgi/db/pqd-pubid.pl?37141>

    Thanks for any suggestions!

    -Spode (Hong Kong)

  2. Spode
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have now found that the markdown.php will handle the angle bracket format, although hot with the "URL:" portion in it, so the problem is somewhat solved for me. Now I have to determine why Chinese text in the body of a message marked as UTF-8 displayed as garbage when the same Chinese text in the subject line works. :) So I guess this thread can be closed from my perspective.


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