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  • I’m reviving this forum post that was started about a month ago and seems to have died out. I’ve seen several people post similar requests elsewhere as well, but no one seems to have a solution.

    I’ve been working to try to setup Post by Email functionality on the current site I’m developing. I’ve tried the Postie plugin to see if that fixed the problem to no avail.

    Here’s to thoughts that I’m about to explore further.
    1- My hosting account and the email accounts I’m trying to access are on different servers. I’m wondering if there is some security block that is preventing my server from accessing emails on other servers. I’ve tried setting up two separate emails on two distinct servers to no avail.

    1.5 – There may be some setting or preferences not enabled on my PHP installation that are causing this not to work.

    2- The company that I am developing their site for is using a third-party email service which is set up on a Microsoft Exchange server. I don’t know if that would have anything to do with anything, but it just might.

    So while I’m investigating further, any practical suggestions would be helpful. I’ve already scoured over the documentation and other helpful hints that have been posted in the forums and docs.


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