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  • I set up a cron job with my host for wp-mail.php.
    This was done thru the vdeck program. It asks
    for the path to the file, and info about when to run it.
    (they only allow it to run 1x a day max).

    This is the email I receive each day:

    /path_to_file_here/wp-mail.php: permission denied

    Any ideas what that means or what to do to get it to work?

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  • skippy



    To be clear: does the email actually say /path_to_file_here/, or did you sanitize the message?

    If your host only allows 1 call per day, you might be interested in my Wp-Cron plugin, which includes wp-cron-mail.php to replace the wp-mail.php as shipped with WordPress. Using my plugin should allow you to side-step the cron limitations on your host.


    Does wp-cron require me to set up a cron with the host?

    The once-a-day with my host only asks me to set the path
    to the file, which I did. The ‘permission denied’ seems to be
    generated by the file itself. In other words, it is being found,
    but it does not run. I am wondering if I need to set some
    variables, but don’t know where or what they would be. Anyone
    with info on the setup?



    I have the same issue with not understanding the exact syntax for a cron job.

    try changing the file permition to 777 , that’s why is denied permission

    the file wp-mail.php needs to be executable 777

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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