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  1. Slopey
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to use the email posting functionality, and I've managed to get it to work (although some posts take ages to appear even after the cron job gets them).

    Anyway - my question is this - I'm using the wget etc as detailed in the docs for my cron job which runs every 15 minutes.

    Problem is that it keeps emailing me with status information to the admin account email address, and also outputs a text file with that info into the WP directory - so I get a clogged mailbox and a load of files.

    How do I turn off the notification/result output.

    And how do I solve the problem of entries not appearing (although it only seems to affect it if I email from the admin user email address - other email addresses are sometimes ok?? weird!).

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Matt Mullenweg
    Posted 11 years ago #

    Basically you need to tell the command line to redirect all output unless it's an error. The crontab manual page has some more information:


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