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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your interest in WP Mail SMTP! In order to ensure the fastest response possible, please follow these guidelines before posting.

    Before you create your own thread on these forums, we want to provide some tips and additional information which might answer your questions or solve your issue.

    We’re not extremely active on these support forums, however that doesn’t mean we’re not here for you! There are several ways you can find answers to your questions.

    WP Mail SMTP Documentation
    We have extensive documentation about the WP Mail SMTP plugin. Our documentation contains setup guides, helpful tutorials, as well as information and solutions about common issues. We actively maintain our docs and update them often. This is where we recommend you start first.

    Search the Support Forums
    With over 600 existing threads (over 40 pages!) in the support forums, most general questions have already been asked. This means a quick search can often help you answer questions in a timely manner (screenshot).

    Additionally, if you see a question you can answer, don’t be shy! We appreciate the help from the community.

    Found a Bug? Use Github
    If you’ve stumbled upon a bug, the best place to report it is in the WP Mail SMTP GitHub repository. GitHub is where the plugin is actively developed, and posting there will get your issue quickly seen by our developers (myself and Slava). Once posted, we’ll review your bug report and triage the bug. When creating an issue, the more details you can add to your report, the faster the bug can be solved.

    Premium Support
    WP Mail SMTP is a free plugin which means support we can provide is limited. We offer premium support for WP Mail SMTP users who have a paid license of our sister plugin, WPForms. If you have an urgent or complex issue, you can purchase a WPForms license, which will give you access to our fast support ticket system (When creating a support ticket, simply choose WP Mail SMTP [screenshot]).

    Lastly, if you decide to create a new thread here in the support forums, please:

    • Describe the issue you’re encountering in as much detail as possible.
    • Provide all debug messages and/or error logs

    Thanks again for using WP Mail SMTP 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Jared Atchison
    WP Mail SMTP

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