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    Hi Jordy,

    first off all, I’m using WP/LR Sync in combination with your Lightroom plugin since many years and it’s a wonderful time saver that I highly recommend. It worked well with RealMedia Library plugin that I bought in addition and it was very useful. Also the combination with Justify Image Grid/RealMedia Library works perfect and I’m using it on a lot of sites.

    But since you have desided (You & Matthias) to renew the connection I’m lost a little bit. I tried to update two times and returned to the old combination again cause of being not successful. It took me a little while to understand that WP/LR Sync folder and WP/LR Sync are not replacing but complementing each other. The information about this was a little bit mixed up.

    So I tried to update the third time as I saw that you have updated your plugin to 5.0, what seems very useful due to the new token method (now I have an issue with Wordfence but that’s another story).

    To come to my question.

    All my galleries are connected through Justify Image Grid directly to the WP/LR Sync folders in RML. I updated all plugins to the newest versions. The connection is fine and I can upload and remove pictures through Lightroom…. but now there are TWO folder trees in the Real Media Plugin. One named WP/LR Sync, the other WPLR Sync. In “WP/LR” Sync are all the old folders and images. In “WPLR” Sync there is the same folder hierarchy but with image shortcuts that points to the “WP/LR” Sync folder.

    When I’m uploading new images through Lightroom the images are uploaded to WPLR Sync (where the Shortcuts are). The WP/LR Sync folders remains unaffected. For me its realy annoying, because all the old folders are connected to Justify Image Grid and I would have to reconnect all sites to the “new tree” in WPLR Sync. It makes absolutely no sense for me to combine the old and new tree. To keep the old images in WP/LR Sync, and to combine shortcuts of the WP/LR Sync tree in the WPLR Sync in combination with new images that I will upload in the future.

    How can I get rid of one of the trees (WP/LR or WPLR) and connect it to Justify Image Grid again?

    Or should I use the new feature in WP/LR Sync 5.0, to show the folders in the WP Media and say good bye to the Real Media Plugin? (this would mean to reconnect all images and give another plugins a try (Meow Gallery etc. – which have – sorry to say Jordy – reduced possibilities compared with Justify Image Grid) It will be a lot of work anyway 🙁

    Any solutions to solve this?


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    WP/LR Sync Folders 1.1.1 / WP/LR Sync 5.0.2 / WP Real Media Library 4.3.0

    Reset with Extensions and Resync with Extensions as specified in the tutorial…

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    You should send a message to Matthias, the developer of this plugin and RML 🙂 I think he will then come here and help.

    That said, I would prefer to see a simpler solution. In your case, there are many elements to synchronize:

    WP/LR Sync => WP/LR Sync Folders => RML => Justify Image Grid

    I think this would be better to handle your galleries like this:

    WP/LR Sync => Justify Image Grid

    How to do that? I don’t use Justify Image Grid so I don’t know. But I do know that they support retrieving galleries created by RML, so they could easily add support for WP/LR Sync, and retrieve the collections. For the developers of Justify Image Grid, that’s really easy. If I was a user of their plugin, I would have done it for myself.

    Then you can use whichever solution you like to display and explore your hierarchy of folders and collections/galleries, like Real Media Library (or the very simple Explorer I made).

    But I am not sure it is a good idea to make every part of your system so inter-dependent. That will intensify the complexity of every little issue.

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    Thx a lot for the prompt response. I agree with you, the system is inter-dependent. But in the end this are both pay-plugins (three with JIG) and in normal there comes additional features and you can trust that the connections from the past will continue to be there. So WP/LR Sync worked perfectly and is still doing so even today. RML had a “simple” WP/LR integration and JIG a simple RML integration. I don’t now why there was a change in RML with the WP/LR integration through a second plugin WP/LR Sync Folder. I’m sure there was an intension behind it, but notwithstanding the above it’s not working as it did. And it cause a lot of work to fix it.

    I will ask Matthias about it why there are now two independent WP/LR and WPLR folders shown in the tree and the issue talked above. Maybe that’s an issue you should also review together. At the end of the day the connection between your plugins is beneficial for both of you and you should take care about that everything is working fine.

    Plugin Author Matthias Günter


    Hi there!

    @tigroumeow I am now in contact with the thread creator. It seems that both extensions are still in use and the migration needs to be done manually.

    @droxios I will do that on your website tomorrow and will let you know via email/this thread asap when finished + instroductuon what I did.

    The workflow WP/LR Sync => WP/LR Sync Folders => RML => Justify Image Grid is used by a lot of people and with the new extension it works very smooth. I use it for my clients websites, too. It’s a good feeling for a Developer to see the workflow working and used by others. 🙂

    Best regards,

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    Thx a lot Matthias,

    I use the same system on other sites so great to hear that you will take care of this. Thank you in advance!!! By the way I bought WordPress Real Category Management today for another site and it is great! Keep on going 🙂

    Plugin Author Matthias Günter


    Hi @droxios and @tigroumeow,

    I will add this type of Migration to the FAQ. I have solved the issue on your site and followed this steps:

    • Navigate to this site
    • Scroll down and select “4.4.9” as latest version to download
    • Uninstall WP/LR Sync on your WordPress installation, upload and activate the previous 4.4.9 version
    • Navigate to WP/LR Sync > Extensions
    • Make sure you have still ticked “Real Media Library” in extensions and click the button Reset with Extensions
    • Afterwards untick the RML extension and save
    • Update WP/LR Sync to the latest version (5.x)
    • Activate the “WP/LR Sync Folders” plugin and do Resync with Extensions

    If it is done navigate to your Media Library and all looks OK now. Perhaps you see a lot “Shortcuts” placed in “Unorganized”. This is due the old extension worked with mainly shortcuts. To avoid 404 errors the shortcuts are not deleted automatically during migration. Please check if you are using any of that shortcuts in your posts / pages. You can remove all that shortcuts directly with one click: Settings > Media > Tab “Reset” > “Delete shortcuts in “Unorganized”.

    Matthew 🙂

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    Perfect! Everything is fine. Thx a lot for the fast help!!


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