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    apache displays index_wp.php, but when you click view site or go to edit template it looks for index.wp
    Does anyone have an idea about what I have wrong?

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  • Where are you installing ?
    Which versions of apache etc have you got ?
    Is it broken before install ? Just after ?

    Try using phpmyadmin to look inside the wp_options table and see what values for site_url and home are.

    blogfilename is index.php, siteurl is
    How can I correct it?

    oops, got it. I changed it.
    One other question if I may, when I click login it gives me a directory listing instead of login or taking me to ‘write’.
    What’s going on there?

    Looks like it isn’t recognising the .php extension as a file to be loaded as index.
    Have a look inside the http.conf file in apache – there’s a ton of options, but one will deal with file extensions. Add .php to the list.

    .php is added as an extension.
    If I click ‘register’ in wp, it does what is should; However, if I click ‘login’ it gives me a directory listing of ‘wp-admin’.
    Thanks for your help, I’m sure you’ve seen it 100’s of times, but you are a life-saver!

    If you are logged in, and you click ‘login’ it should whizz along to index.php, which then just checks you really are logged in, and it then throws you to /post.php
    Now either wp-admin/index.php is missing, or your setup is missing index.php for some reason.
    Which apache/mysql/php setup are you using ? xampp ? foxserv ?

    To be honest, I’m not sure. I’m fairly new to all this. I do not believe it is foxserv though.
    wp-admin/index.php does exist.

    I’m on XP Home, and xampp ( – get the installer download) has not given me any problems with wp, mediawiki or me just playing with stuff.
    I cannot see why it would not see index.php

    ok, thanks. You have been immensely helpful. Have a great day.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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