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  • Hi,

    a WordPress blog on the London bombing has been slashdotted without the slash dot. They’ve had 294 gigs of bandwidth used up and 4 million hits so far, and they need some sponsorship to cover the bandwidth, which was around £1500 a month so far. Alfie Dennen, the creator of the site who has 6 friends helping him round the clock has been interviewed on CNN, BBC, the Guardian newspaper etc.

    “Show the world that we’re not afraid of what happened in London, and that the world is a better place without fear.

    It’s more about “we’re not afraid� and less about “bring em on�. See the distinction?

    Send your fearless images to:

    Great site, great messages, great photos, great WordPress blog. There are 1,000 photos up so far from all corners of the globe. Quite inspirational. The purpose of terrorism is to terrorize. This blog is an antidote to that fear. I’’ve posted a pic and would encourage people to do the same.

    To put the 4 million hits in perspective, the Daily Kos blog, one of the top 3 blogs in the blogosphere ranked by the number of incoming links on the Truth Laid Bare blog ecosystem has an average of 537,037 hits per day. I don’t know if it’s 4 million unique hits or 4 million page views, but however you count it, that’s a hell of a lot of traffic.

    So if any wordpress bloggers here know of a company who might want to sponsor the bandwidth cost on this blog for next month (this month was covered by their server), and get some good Karma built up and have your logo viewed by a couple of million eyeballs, please contact Alfie at his home blog

    If that doesn’t work, email me Pete at and I’ll email you his contact info.

    Here are some video interviews and links to the BBC and CNN articles with the creator of the site Alfie Dennen.

    Just found out they have a Cafe Press site.

    They just started a cafepress site to sell we’re not afraid tshirts and bags. Half the profits earned from the sale of this merchandise will be allocated to server costs. The other half will be donated to the Red Cross London Bomb Relief Fund.

    I don’t know how much of the bandwidth those sales will cover so I’m hoping someone who either has a good heart or has a good marketing/PR sense or both will sponsor the blog so they’ll be able to keep up the WP blog and all of the donations go to the Red Cross London Bomb Relief Fund.

    I’ve blogged a bit about it on my blog


    Pete Quily

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  • Hmm, somehow I’m just not buying your story. Sorry man, but your site is running just fine, and I see not evidence of extreme usage. *edit* What’s WordPress’s policy on advertising on these forums..?

    Is he looking for mirrors or what? I’m sure if someone came up with a package to mirror all his images and/or videos, plenty of people would be willing to throw it up on their sites and offer their bandwidth.

    Doraemon: He’s telling the truth, it’s received those millions of hits already, Podz can give first hand account of it.

    Sorry, but I’ll have to see it before I believe it. 😛 I don’t see what’s to hit anyways… Seems rather bland to me.

    And that’s fine, but I know he’s telling the truth and I’d be willing to offer up my bandwidth if they created a package to spread out the load.

    I’d help too so long as I knew it was for a good honest cause, and not just some lamer looking for free bandwidth so they can host their illicit files.

    Yeah, it was broken most of yesterday after CNN and other media sites started writing about it.

    Currently, they aren’t using WP though because there were so many hits yesterday that the owner couldn’t even get into the admin panel. They’ve set it up as a basic gallery now.

    It’s a good cause. I know they were talking about setting up a donation fund or something for the families of those killed or injured.

    I think it’s a great passive way of speaking out against the terrorist.

    Here is CNN’s article.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I spent ages on IM with one of the guys today, trying to get the site back up, considering alternatives, and eventually going with the gallery script I edited for them. I posted about it to the hackers list. I have a 4.7meg file of the mysql log.

    It’s as genuine as you can get.

    Podz, is there a way to mirror the images or supply some sort of alternative so the bandwidth is spread out? I’m sure there are hundreds probably thousands willing to help…

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I was thinking that as I was chatting, but the logistics are lost on me I’m afraid. When we chatting he reckoned he had about 3000 more images in the queue with more flooding in. Spreading just images would be one thing but the loads are amazing – you do not need this sort of bandwidth hitting your site. Your host would be round after some serious cash.
    For a mirror to work you’d need a very easy and fast way to set it up – and I don’t know how to do that.

    I must have been visiting it in the middle of the changes because it now looks entirely different from what it did earlier in the afternoon. Good job!

    Does anyone here know Matt personally and can ask him to post a request for sponsorship on his blog? Seeing that it’s read in the dashboard of most wordpress bloggers, I think it’s likely that someone might sponsor it.

    I’ve already tried emailing him about it but no response yet.

    Getting your logo as the sole bit of advertising in front of 4 million people + who are probably going to read several pages of the blog for 1,500 pounds a month seems like absolute no brainer for a business to me Hollywood celebrities spend that on one night at a hotel. Hopefully people would just do it since it’s a good thing to do but… If I had the cash I’d sponsor it myself.

    They may need more than one server. Currently I believe they have just one machine with about 3 gigs of ram but they might need one machine. One for the web server, one for database and one or more for the photos according to Roland Tangalo a blogger I know.

    I don’t know if their host will provide them with 3 machines and they’re only sponsoring it till the end of the month.


    It’s not just sponsorship… They need to move to probably three or more machines, and most companies can provide at least 1500GB/mo throughput to start with (per box) on decent plans. They may need to look at a webhost who wants to sponsor it — as that’s the best way to control the costs but be able to handle the load.

    And given that you can get plans with 2-300GB for $50US, unless their host is just trying to really nail them, the host could waive the bandwidth overages in return for a prominent sponsorship advertisement on the site.

    this weblog could be a business,
    I don’t know why I should spent money for a business ..
    I don’t know why I should spent money for a blog …???

    if I ‘m willing to spent money, than for the people in London…
    not for the journalists…

    try to find a big sponsor 😉

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