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  • I was running into a situation where I could view my site with no problem, but when I tried to login I was getting a blank page. I could get to the logon form but when I hit the login button I got a 200 back from the server, but no content.

    After some digging around with directory permissions and log files to no avail I moved everything from my plugins directory into a temporary directory and refreshed the plugins directory with the original files. After that I was able to logon so one by one I moved my plugins back and tried to logout/logon. It turns out I’d goofed a hack in my cg-amazon.php plugin.


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  • i was having the same problem, and after reading this post i tried the same method and found out that it was my kittens-spaminator plugin causing the trouble.

    to fix, i just went to the proper download site and got it again (i think i pasted from the web the first time) and now all is well!

    thanks for sharing mcarruth! it lead me to a quick fix of a frustrating problem!!

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