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  • Fix your siteurl and/or home values in your database:


    I appreciate your reply but I followed your advice and checked the home values but they were correct without the trailing slash in the database.

    Now when I paste the url into the browser for that blog the home page comes up with a trailing slash…

    Any other checks?

    @digg50, hey, Did you find a fix? Are you able to access your blog? I’m having the same problem and have no fix as of yet! I’ve created another post with extra details in the hope that someone will look at it, as I weren’t 100% convinced we were having the same problem;

    Check it out here


    Are you using PHP 5 by chance? We’re kinda talking about the same issue here :

    Hey sim2008 – at least I’m not alone here. No remedy yet here.

    Niteblade – it is PHP 5.2.6

    I’ve got 5 of these I’m trying to get into. Actually I have got into a couple of them – these are all on a subdirectory and where it did work is when I went back and did a 301 permanent redirect. But that hasn’t worked on all of them for some reason.


    If this is the domain in question:

    The login link takes me to:

    and on the login page it has a link to return to;

    If that isn’t the domain in question it still makes me wonder about how your add-on domains are ‘configured’.


    Yes that is one of the domains in question.

    Please let me know if my configuration is correct here;

    I have that domain pointing to the directory
    then I also have a 301 redirect with the Redirect with or without www. selected.
    Then in the redirects to tab I put

    So that’s how that one is configured

    Let me know if there’s another/better way to do that.


    On a cPanel host I don’t have to do any redirects to get Add-on domains to work properly.

    Typically your main domain has a web-root of public_html, but then other domains will be in public_html/domain1 (or whatever folder you specify for each). But just creating/designating the Add-on domain is enough without doing redirects.

    I finally got a fix on my problem.

    Mine was a new install into a sub-directory and then I couldn’t log-in the same as everybody above.

    What I did, I got the new URL pointed at the right sub-directory without any redirects in place.

    Then I went into cPanel/file manager to the functions.php file located at here wp-content/themes/default/functions.php

    Then Edit this file at the very top of the functions.php file on the next line after the <?php
    add these two pieces of code:


    Then go and log-in to the blog admin a couple times.
    like at the new address: /wp-login.php

    Then go and remove the two pieces of code listed above from the functions.php file .

    This was just for a new wp-install but I’ve done this on a couple that i was having the same trouble as above and that fixed it.




    I tried that piece of code and deleted it, but it didn’t do a thing for me. The only thing I do not get is when you say:

    I got the new URL pointed at the right sub-directory without any redirects in place.

    What do you mean, where and how must I edit this file…






    I installed wordpress 2.7
    I almost got the final step. I was watching Turning WordPress On | Tutorial #8 Am i watching an old video?

    He mentioned we should have wp-login-php page: the system will give me a uername, password.
    When I type :, I got the error message :Easy, tiger. This is a 404 page.

    how can i get: Pls fix it for me. Do i need to download another wordpress?

    But I can go to
    Pls double check my profile. Am I suppose to have any wp-login-php attach my webaddress for web uploading purpose? Many thanks>

    Same with robmmad16

    I tried the two codes. Didn’t work

    I also don’t understand

    I got the new URL pointed at the right sub-directory without any redirects in place.

    Please help

    i maybe found the possible problem
    see here

    can you try and confirm this, thanks

    After installation of WordPress 2.7.1 I get this while trying to log in the //wp-admin/

    Directory Listing Denied
    This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed.

    What does this mean. Can anyone Help me out?? Pliz

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