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  • the wp-login.php is a 0KB file and a file from wp-login.php created automatically with this names fore example: wp-login_c8Tk3.php or wp-login_X9ek3.php or … with right size.

    Who created these files? Were they automatically created or created by your host?

    Delete and try replacing the oddly named files and the wp-login.php (0kb) and upload in its place a fresh copy of the file (from a fresh download of WordPress).

    It is created automatically
    when I “replace with a fresh copy” OR “del 0kn and rename wp-login_xyz.php to wp-login.php” It works. but afte some days it happens again. I dont know what does it related to?!

    Can you post a link to the site with the problem?

    BTW, by default WordPress does NOT create such files. Looks like something malicious is doing that.

    Some hosts add/replace login files to secure sites from hackers. Find out from your host if that is the case. If it is not, it can be a case of your site being compromised.

    Anyway, try to update WordPress to the latest version so that similar problems can be avoided.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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