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  1. tempor
    Posted 4 years ago #

    The login page of wordpress is asking too many HTTP Requests.

    Every plugin and theme installed in wordpress is enabled in the Login page.

    That means that the Login page is full of unneeded CSS and scipts.

    My login page has 38 html requests of unused images, unused stylesheets, and unused scripts which is seriously hurting my servers resources.

    This seems to be an inherent problem of wordpress and it is affecting heavy user based wordpress installations.

    This is also a serious security vulnerability, if someone wants to DOS attack a wordpress installation, all he needs is to mass request the Login Page (every css, script, image of the installed plugins will be called at once).

    The question:
    -Is there a way to remove, in WP-LOGIN PAGE, any unneeded scripts and stylesheets?

    (Please, I am not asking about wp_dequeue_script and wp_dequeue_style type of answers, unless there is a way to implement them in the main Login page).

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