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  • Am having difficulties with the login for WP — after the initial login that comes as part of setting up the database, trying to login again with the correct password won’t get me past the login screen at all. [I’ve reset the database several times… keeps happening each time.]
    It doesn’t seem to be a browser issue, as I’ve tried both Mozilla & IE… I did play with ‘wp-layout.css’ and ‘index.php’ — not sure if those affect anything regarding the login.
    Any suggestions, ideas, or help would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  • Moderator James Huff


    And you’ve tried this: ?

    I just did — but the changes aren’t taking in the SQL database, even though it tells me it has. Is there something that’s been set read-only that I need to fix?

    I just ran into the same problem. I was using ssl (https) to access the site. Switching to non-ssl (http) seems to have fixed it.
    (But now, obviously, I have lost secure access, so I’m going to go after it a bit more…)

    I’m on a regular http:// server, so I don’t think that’s the issue, unfortunately. (If only it were that simple a fix!)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    When it comes back to the login, what happens if you manually alter the url to ?

    It redirects me to the login screen, but the address in the navigation bar changes to this: http://( Both the UserID and Password information fields are blank, and there is no error message.
    Also, I should note I haven’t completely reinstalled the database each time — I’ve only wiped the tables and then reinstalled WP. Each time after a new install, however, I can get into the Option menus and such as ‘admin,’ but I can’t logout. (And if I wipe the cookies, then I’m locked out because of the above issue.)

    Think I found the source of the problem, though I’m not sure of what the proper fix would be. I set up a test site and a test database to do some troubleshooting, and found that when the Options are set to display the blog in a different directory from where all the php files are, that’s when the login issues go awry. Changing the Options to have the blog in the standard “wordpress” directory seems to allow the login process work fine again.
    So I suppose the easy fix is to just keep everything in one directory for now… anyone aware of a more “proper” solution?

    Moderator James Huff


    I’d keep it all in the same directory. That’s how the installation recommends it. If you want your index.php file to be in a different directory, you could always create an index.php file which redirects to your wordpress index.php .

    I have it all in one directory and am having this problem too (not on my blog but one I set up for a friend). I’ve been through all of the steps at

    What else can I do?

    I am having this same issue. After logging in, there is no error and I am redirected back to the login page. The admin section is not accessible if I manually type in the address either (it redirects me back to the login page).

    I have reset my password withing the database with no success. Seems like it might be a cookie issue although I have reset my cookies and computer cache.

    Moderator James Huff


    Read “Site URL Resetting or Redirecting under WP v1.5b” at:

    “Site URL Resetting or Redirecting under WP v1.5b” does not provide a solution.

    My ‘siteurl’ is listed correctly in the database as is my ‘home’ url. In my case, I am nearly certain it is a problem with the cookie not being set. I tried setting Firefox to ask for permission to set cookies so that I could see notification if wp-login.php tries to set a cookie. However, it never does.

    This was an upgrade btw from 1.3.

    I’m also having this problem, a fresh install of WP

    And I tried everything says. This problem has been in the beta forever. If anyone wanna get my server login details and stuff I’m more than willingly to let you have it to test out.

    This really shouldn’t be an issue. 1.3 was working fine for me. What changed?

    Is there anyway to download 1.3? I’d like to be able to login to my site again. Since, this issue doesn’t seem to have an immediate solution maybe the older version will work.

    Does anyone know if the method for setting cookies was changed between 1.3 and 1.5?

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