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  • For some reason, the configuration settings that I add for Mailchimp (which seem to save for a while and work for a few hours) seem to get wiped out from time to time and I have to reenter but can not figure out why the settings keep getting reverted.

    Is this a bug or do you have any advice?

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  • Hey there!

    So the styling in your plugin is getting killed off every so often? Is the plugin being styled from the editor under “MailChimp Setup” or via the CSS? Also, what version of the plugin are you currently using? We haven’t heard of anything like this, but we’re happy to have a look!

    Give us a shout back!


    So no – nothing to do with styling. Here’s what happens.

    I activate the plugin, set the options, and then go to configuration where I put in my mailchimp API key and choose what list to sent people to, click save, etc… Then – when I check right after, the comment forms and registration forms do have the opt-in box as it should. However, several hours later, Ill come back and notice that the checkbox is no longer on the forms. So, Ill go back to the configuration and it will then be reset showing that mailchimp was not activated. So, Ill go in and re-input the API key, etc… get it working again, and then check the next day, and it’s gone again.

    So, Im not sure what’s causing this, but Im thinking perhaps it’s a plugin conflict. unfortunately, I cant seem to find which plugin might be doing this but overall, the problem is that the information in configuration for mailchimp keeps getting wiped out.

    Any ideas?

    BTW – thanks for the support. I really appreciate it as most of the time plugin developers that I’ve emailed dont respond, so I really appreciate the help.


    Well that’s certainly a new one. Which other plugins do you have installed? We can try to replicate the same behavior on our end.

    Just to make sure all of the bases are covered, the API key isn’t getting disabled between activation and de-activation, is it? (Please DON’T post the API key, by the way.) Does anyone else by chance have access to the setup that you’re using?

    well, it’s happening while the plugin is activated. Im not sure if it happens when I deactivate the plugin but Im thinking you’re asking me a different question and perhaps I just dont understand the question..

    As for the plugins, I’ve got a lot, though most are pretty well known. Is there a particular type of plugin that you think would more likely cause such a conflict so I can narrow it down a bit?

    Hey again!

    I don’t know of any specific plugins that would cause this error, but I’m happy to try from our end of things!

    As far as the plugin goes, I was talking more about the API keys in the account rather than the actual plugin. Additionally, is it possible to set up a local WP install to see if it does the same thing there, as well?


    Well, thanks. The interesting thing is that it appears to be working now and I haven’t had the issue in 2 days. Ill keep an eye on it and if it arises again, Ill definitely update this request. Thanks for the great support.

    Well that is certainly good news!

    If you do run into any other issues, don’t hesitate to give us a shout!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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