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  • I was looking for an easy way to make a squeeze page. I tried a few including WP Lead Plus. It was not what I needed so I deactivated and uninstalled. Then I started work on some new pages and this sentence:

    “created by WP Lead Plus – a MUST HAVE Lead Capture plugin”

    kept appearing on my page. It is there but it will not go away. I cannot see it in the page editor. When I delete it using explore element it just comes back. SO I went and created a new page with using any of the elements from the previous page, ust a blank page with a title so I could preview. I didn’t type anything in the content but on preview
    I still get: “created by WP Lead Plus – a MUST HAVE Lead Capture plugin”

    appearing on the page!!! DOes anyone know anything about this? Is it malicious? This is a new one for me. How can I get rid of it? Much appreciated.

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  • I have exactly the same issue : at the bottom of a new page, this message keep appearing. Did you solve it? I suspect some wordpress css file has been corrupted by this plugin.

    Thanks for any hint or help.

    Yes it seems to be tied to the “blank Page ” Template. I didn’t realize this initially but when I could not find a solution and deactivated my theme and deleted all files and then reinstalled and activated and when I went to create a page I realized that the blank template was no longer available. That is when I guessed that it had been associated with the plug in but for some reason had not disappeared when I deactivated and uninstalled the plugin. My suspicions were confirmed when I received a somewhat cryptic reply from the plugin’ support to whom I had written. He said I was getting the un wanted text because I was using the blank page template.
    But this of course does not explain a) why the message appeared in the middle of the page across my graphics in the top half of the page( rather than at the bottom), b) why I could not edit it out or c) why the blank page template had not disappeared when I removed the plugin.
    So, long anser short: get rid of or do not use the blank page template by WP Leads Plus and you should be fine.
    I hope this helps 🙂

    Yes, that was great! Their message is now out.
    Thanks a lot!

    i have the sam issue.

    i deinstalled and removed WP Lead Plus Plugin, but still get the message on the Blank Template:

    “created by WP Lead Plus – a MUST HAVE Lead Capture plugin”

    How to get rid of them?

    as ngolay said, you must not use the Blank Template. Just change the settings of your page by editing it and change on the right to default template for example…

    yes – but i need blank template to create landing- & squeeze pages..

    If you want to keep using wp lead plus, then the best is to contact their team for that!
    Or perhaps you don’t have this problem with the paid version!…

    no i does not want to keep the plugin – therefore i uninstalled it completely (the wp lead plus folder is deleted) – or even not, because the message still appears: (“created by WP Lead Plus – a MUST HAVE Lead Capture plugin”)

    how to remove it??

    the only way is to not use blank template : use default template instead!

    but how to create a blank page without header, footer.. with default template?

    Just choose an adequate theme and/or look for answers on wordpress forums : “disable comments”, and so on…

    i think you don’t understand:
    i want to get rid of this unwanted advertising and compromising of my wp installation – asap!!!

    then switch to default template and get rid of header/footer by setting wordpress adequatly

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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