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  1. Svish
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Are multi-line equations not supported by the WP Latex plug-in?

    I tried to write the example given at http://elevatorlady.ca/doc/refcard/expressions.html:

    \begin{split}\tan^2 x
    &= \sin^2 x/\cos^2 x \\
    &= 1/\cos^2 x - 1

    But all I get is an ugly "Formula does not parse". If I remove the \begin, \end and the & signs, it parses correctly. What is going on? I wrote it in the post like this:

    [latex]\begin{split}\tan^2 x &= \sin^2 x/\cos^2 x &= 1/\cos^2 x - 1\end{split}[/latex]

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