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  • Resolved foodboy



    I hope you can help!

    We have installed your plugin “WP JQuery Pager”. We have been looking for a non-flash page flip book which can be viewed on the IPad, so thank you!

    However I am having problems running the application. I am running WordPress 3.5 so this could be the issue?

    One I have added the short code [wp-jquery-paged] and view the page, images run down the page (stacked) and the JQuery icon “Loading Pages”. Appears over them , nothing else loads.

    The plugin installed successfully, I have tried reducing the number of images, and tried renaming the titles to 1,2,3 etc, but the images still appear the same.

    I have tried a number of configurations for the short code

    [wp-jquery-paged ids="822,821,820,819"]

    Have also tried

    [gallery columns="1" ids="822,821,820,819"]

    I have also tried the header titles! [wp-jquery-paged "1,2,3,4"]

    The documentation is a little sparse and it is probably the way I am adding the images but I was wondering what I am doing wrong. Would you be able to provide a screen shot or something of one of your pages or posts, using [wp-jquery-paged] please?

    Many thanks

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  • Plugin Author Eric Amundson


    Howdy Alan,

    Thanks for posting this.

    You’re quite right; the changes in the Media Gallery that were introduced in WordPress 3.5 break some of the functionality of this plugin.

    We’ve discussed it quickly here and will be looking into how best to adapt the plugin for the new 3.5 media manager and will update you as soon as possible. Probably won’t be until early next week.

    In the meantime, if you need to get this plugin running, the easiest way would be to use a pre-3.5 release of WordPress. 🙁

    Talk to you soon,

    Hi Eric

    This is for some extra functionality for the IPad, so i am happy to wait for a fix!!

    Thanks again Eric for your prompt response!



    Hello Eric, just wondering if you have a date that the plugin will be up and running for wordpress 3.5?



    Plugin Author Eric Amundson


    Hello Harry,

    Thanks for the message.

    We’ve actually completed the coding, but haven’t yet been able to put it through our QC yet as we’re a bit short on time. I plan to test and release by Friday afternoon (no guarantees), but if you wish to give the updated version a try in the meantime, you can download it from our GitHub repo:

    I’d recommend backing up your existing plugin first, then removing it and adding the plugin from GitHub.

    I hope that helps.

    Hi Eric
    Thanks for working on the fix for WordPress 3.5. I downloaded the version uploaded to Github provided by the following link

    However after installing the plugin it could not be activated as the following error was thrown

    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘BY’ (T_STRING) in <My install Path!> /wp-content/plugins/wp-jquery-pdf-paged/wp-jquery-paged.php on line 68

    Hope this helps to Iron out any bugs before Friday! Please let me know if you require anymore information


    Plugin Author ivycat


    Hello foodboy,

    I updated the repo with a new version which should fix that error.

    You’ll be able to use the shortcode:

    [wp-jquery-paged ids=”822,821,820,819″]

    with the pages in the order of image ids given as above.



    Cheers guys, I’ll try it out tomorrow

    Hi Eric / Ivy Cat

    Thanks for the update at GitHub. I have installed the plugin without any errors, ‘WP jQuery Pager Plugin’

    I created a Gallery within a page and added the short code like below

    [wp-jquery-paged ids=”801,821,820,816,817,818,819,815,814,813,808,809,810,811,807,806,805,804,802,803,822,800″]

    And when I view the page,nothing happens, the output is like below

    [wp-jquery-paged ids=”801,821,820,816,817,818,819,815,814,813,808,809,810,811,807,806,805,804,802,803,822,800″]

    I have also tried the following

    [gallery ids="801,821,820,816,817,818,819,815,814,813,808,809,810,811,807,806,805,804,802,803,822,800"]

    But the gallery displays ok as normal, but the wp-jquery-paged is also displayed.

    I understand you are still developing this for WordPress 3.5 🙂

    Could it be something I am doing wrong? Just in case of a conflict I disabled all my plugins, I do not have many but the problem continues!



    Plugin Author ivycat


    Hey Alan,

    Can you do me a favour and check and see if the plugin is enabled? When I tested it on a dev site I had the same issue and noticed it got disabled somehow.

    Hi Ivycat

    Yes I have disabled it and enabled it and problem continues!

    The plugin displays as Activated.

    Not sure what to try? looks like it is not seeing the jquery lib?



    Plugin Author ivycat


    Ok, I updated the github repo again. I’d recommend deleting all previously installed jquery pager plugins (in case you have multiple version) and then install the new one.

    Just as a reminder, when you download the github repo, it is in an extra level of folders there, so you’ll need to extract and then re-zip it up. We’ll get the development repo fixed here soon, but hopefully we’ll have the changes up to the WP repo soon enough.



    All up and working ivycat, nice one

    Hi IvyCat

    Plugin all working, Great plugin, fantastic support!

    I have one small question!

    I would like to disable the stylesheet with the shortcode: use_styles

    This is probably my syntax! would you be able to provide an example please! I have tried the following!

    [use_styles=false wp-jquery-paged ids="1041,1042" ]

    [wp-jquery-paged ids="1041,1042" use_styles="no"] or [wp-jquery-paged ids="1041,1042" use_styles=false] – I get the below output!

    Forward Back
    Loading pages…

    If I remove the entry use_styles=false or use_styles=”no” the plugin works as normal no problems!

    I thought this might help someone else if they comes across this 🙂

    The reason: I have a strange page size that needs to be used!

    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author ivycat


    The containing div has display:none on it. Now that I look though, it seems that the styles AND the scripts are disabled, I’ll go ahead and get that fixed so it only disables the styles.

    I see no problem! Thanks for the update! 🙂

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