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    Any reason as to why the jQuery is loaded again by your plugin? Should it not check whether it already exists or deregister it first if you want to load it with ‘defer’?

    I’m guessing is to do with the function in core.php on line 418


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    Hello @filona,

    Thanks for using Speed Booster Pack! We’re actually about to release a new version of SBP and we kind of wrote the whole JavaScript optimization feature from scratch. What you said is a known bug (the buggiest part of SBP, to be honest) but things will get better when we release the new version.

    We need real-life users to test this feature though; because it was a complete rewrite we expect minor issues with it. Would you be interested in testing the new (beta) version and sharing your experience with us?

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    Is that a paid gig offer? 😉

    I’m actually optimizing a site for a client which uses your plugin, so, unfortunately, I’ll have to replace it with a different plugin as time is of the essence here.

    But feel free to send me the new version and I’ll test on a dev site in my free time.

    Plugin Author optimocha


    @filona hehe, always happy to see people who obsess over speed, even if they don’t use our products/services! 🙂 I’ll let you know when the beta version of SBP is out.

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