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  • Oscar


    I am looking for a lightbox that showcases both the title and caption. Is there such a plugin for WordPress currently.

    wp-jquery-lightbox looks great with the caption. however i would like both the title and caption to appear.

    great simple plugin. thanks for any insight or helpful links.

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  • ulfben


    wp-jquery-lightbox does display both title and caption…

    Great Lightbox plugin!

    This is my favorite Lightbox and it does display title, caption, and description very nicely.
    However I can only get one of those parameters to display at one time.
    It would be nice to display the title on top line and then below it display the description or caption.

    I have looked at the code and it almost seems like it should do that but it does not. I may be missing something.

    Again great plugin.

    My original question may be with the coding on my end.

    The plugin does display Title and Caption together within a WordPress created Gallery. It does do as I ask above with title and caption on separate lines within a WordPress created Gallery.

    Where I have been using this plugin is within a custom taxonomy page that I created for my photographs. I have tagged my photos using a custom taxonomy and display a custom tag page with thumbnails for each particular tag.

    When viewing the custom taxonomy of the thumbnail photos for a particular tag the Lightbox displays only the title, caption, or description… Only 1.

    The Lightbox in my custom taxonomy page differs from the way it displays within a WordPress Gallery when used in a post.

    I am looking to put title and description (not caption) in the Lightbox with both a WordPress Gallery and my custom taxonomy page.

    Great plugin.

    The plugin seems to behave differently according to the way you view it in specific ways.

    Displays title and caption on separate lines when the lightbox is used in a WP Gallery.

    When an image is used outside of a WP Gallery.
    Displays Title, Caption, or Description on one line and only uses one of the parameters.

    I am having a similar problem, where I’m just using the lightbox without a gallery. The image title appears fine but not the image caption. How can I include both the title and the caption?

    WP: 3.2.1
    Example URL: (just click on any of the thumbnails or the main featured image)

    I have amended the CSS but not the JS file.

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

    Simple Lightbox is great with handling titles, captions, and descriptions. However there is currently no automatic resize and when images are used outside a Gallery it handles the grouping of images differently with the prev/ next links.

    I have not been able to figure out the above question in previous post. I have just recently been comparing the code in the 2 similar Lightbox plugins.

    I would like for Title and Description to display and also display the same when used in a Gallery and when not used in a Gallery.

    This is my favorite Lightbox and I have tried a lot of them over the last week.

    My lightbox script picks data from four different elements.

    For the title it grabs (in order of precedence):
    1. the link title attribute (a:title)
    2. the (nestled) image title attribute (that’s the a->img:title)

    For caption (in order of precedence):
    1. the closest .gallery-caption -div
    2. the closest .wp-caption-text -div

    The default twentyeleven theme use these divs to display image captions in galleries and for standalone pictures respectively. If you don’t use them, you won’t get captions in the lightbox.

    We have atleast three fields in the image upload dialogue; title, caption and description. It is your theme that decides which ones are used on the front end. Compare your theme with the default bundled theme if you’re unhappy with where the texts show up.

    @scruff – your styling is sick! I would be super happy to add that to the plugin. Send me an email: ulf at ulfben dot com.

    @ulfben – I’m using the lightbox with post thumbnails, but I managed to get the caption to appear. Is there a way of not showing the title? Or at least of giving the title and caption different classes so that they can be styled differently (or hidden, which is what my client wants)?

    The styling is all done using CSS although I am having trouble with the close button – seems the Next div is overlapping the bottom left corner of the Close div, and I can’t figure out how to change the order using Z-index.

    I am also going to change the styles as my client wishes the box around the image data to expand depending on the amount of text enclosed. Would you like me to send you the CSS as it is?

    Use #titleText and #captionText to style them independently.

    Please send it when you feel it’s ready.

    thanks, but i don’t understand how using the IDs you mention will make a difference as both title and description are in one span with an ID of ‘caption’

    from the source code:
    <div id="imageDetails"><span style="display: inline;" id="caption">Ivy League is what appears in the lightbox display<br>Christmas in Shropshire</span><span id="numberDisplay">Image 1 of 4</span></div>

    Ah. I haven’t released that yet. 🙂

    Get the Development Version. They’re in there.

    I am using the development version of the plugin together with NextGen Gallery. I have specified a title and a description in NextGen Gallery, but the lightbox display only shows the description.

    Is it possible to show the title too?

    and style it independently from the description?

    HI I have the same question as DickRaney.. I would like to show the title and the description.

    On some of my images, the title and description show. On some images only the title and on others only the caption. I have all of this information filled in on each image.

    I’m using NextGen gallery with wp-jquery-lightbox.


    Update to my issue above….

    -The images in the WordPress Media Library display correctly with the title and the description.

    The problem is with the NextGen gallery image information. – only the description shows up. I would also like the title to show up.


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