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  • We’re having a problem putting a contact form on a WP page.

    The form displays on the page but when it is submitted, most of the fields are not sent.

    The problem is that when the page is written, WP seems to be removing the ‘name’, ‘size’ and ‘max length’ attributes.

    We have tried this on both an existing installation of WP 2.02 & a fresh installation of WP 2.07 and are getting the same problem.

    We have also tried entering the form via the HTML and via the WISIWYG interfaces both with and without the SimpleCode plug in.

    It is definately WP that is causing the problem as both the form and the script work perfectly outside of WP (and before you suggest it, we need it to work inside of WP).

    We have looked at contact form plug ins, but none of them seem to offer what we want as it is quite a detailed form.

    Please help,


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  • Make a Page template where you put all your code and then create a new Page using that template. It should work.
    (and disable the wysiwyg animal whenever you want to put code directly in a post or Page; using the html button in the wysiwyg doesn’t help!)

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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