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  • I have troubles with categories that USED to be populated.

    For example, WP shows that 5 posts are in ‘Uncategorized’ category, but the truth is – none is in there! The posts USED to be there in the beginning, when I didn’t provide any category. WP automatically included that category in permalinks. After I finished writing the posts, I changed all of that. Somehow, it remembered that *somewhere*, because everything looks ok in the admin panel.

    Even worse, Google webmaster tools is reporting missing links for some posts that direct to /category/uncategorized/.

    What’s going on here? I have two WP blogs and have exactly the same problems in both of them.

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  • I think you should go to your settings-> writing page in your admin panel and change your “Default post Category”.

    Thanks sparun, but I don’t think that’s the problem.
    Because, I can select any other category as default and still face the same issue in the moment when I deselect that “default post category” from the post.

    The real problem is why posts in “default post category” remain even AFTER you deselect it and how come that google sees those “missing” links?
    I even searched the SQL base, but didn’t find any logical connection…

    As the name says,if you don’t select any categories then the default category is selected.Even if you delete it,it will assign to default when published.
    And for the google problem,if you have any sitemap generator,rebuilt your sitemap and also resubmit the sitemap in google webmaster tools.

    I already rebuilt my sitemap and I will resubmit for GWT.

    However, how can you explain that my site is showing “Uncategorized” category with (5) messages, yet, none of the messages is in there?
    But when I go to admin panel and check the categories, it says (0) messages is in “Uncategorized” (that’s true)!

    The only option I had is to hide that category so people won’t mistakenly go there and receive 404 error, but that’s not the real solution.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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