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  • My webspace is now littered with failed WP installs. Each time I install I run install.php and it either fails to go through the steps and gives me errors right away, or it completes the install, but barfs warnings in the admin panel. (see my post here…

    In either case the same thing happens. I delete the DB or drop all the tables and try to delete the files so I can start fresh but I find that the server won’t give me permission to delete or even open any of the subdirectories of the wordpress installation folder. How is wordpress doing this???? How am I going to get rid of four failed partial wordpress installs???? What happened to the five minute installation that I fell in love with not so long ago???? What is hosing this whole thing up????

    Surely someone must have had a similar experience.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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