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  • My site has been going up and down for the last couple weeks and I contacted GoDaddy (Managed WordPress Hosting) to see if they could look into it. They took a look at the server and everything seems fine with the hosting server.

    They did suggest I clean up the database and also cut down the amount of plugins that I am using. I have been trying to do that and did clean up some stuff yesterday. But then I started to work on updating some posts. Sometime late last night, I lost access to the site.

    So ever since last night, I’ve been getting the 503 error “Service Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.”

    However, I know the site is up because I can get to the welcome.html page. So it’s just WordPress that is apparently down. And the weird parts about this is that I can still ping the site, can still traceroute to it and the real kickers is that Analytics shows that people from outside the U.S. are still browsing the site!

    I can also access the database and FTP without issues.

    I’m at a total loss right now of what I can do, please help if you can. Thanks!

    Test page showing server is up:

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  • lisa


    Site: >>seems reasonable when I looked. I did not have trouble viewing.

    Not sure the purpose of this page:

    Thanks for checking, this is weird. I can’t access it and when I check with online “is site down” type sites, they all say it’s down too. Where are you located at? In the U.S. or elsewhere? I wonder if it’s some weird network issue somewhere?

    Found this site and it shows my site is down for 28 out of 36 locations:



    double check all of your settings.
    try to deactivate plugins.
    i am based in u.s.

    I’ve tried using multiple browsers and multiple networks (home and cellular) and all show my site is unavailable. It’s so weird that you can get to it fine. Especially since so many uptime checkers show that it’s down.

    I called up GoDaddy a couple hours ago and they said that it’s a server resource issue and are again pointing towards plugins. They have a tech looking at the server to try and get the site back up and once it’s up I’ll have to go through and delete un-needed plugins.

    This is so annoying! GoDaddy just can’t figure this out. Does ANYONE out there have any ideas as to what I can do about this? When it’s down I can’t even see the page. They keep saying it’s a capacity issue and open connections, yet I am not having many visitors at all right now. My site has been down about 75% of the time these past couple weeks and I’m at a point where this needs to be fixed or I’m just going to have to give up on the site all together!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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