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  • A simple way to just have my posts be styled with my site’s css? So it wouldn’t have any extra things, it would just be words and my style sheet adding the bold effects, link effects, etc. And then I could just insert that into my php requires?

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    There is yes, but you’ve not really given us enough information to go on. It would be easier if you could say something like “Here’s my page, and I’ve got my WP blog here and I’d like the posts to appear here ………”
    It could be as easy as saying “Just use ‘The Loop’ ( ) and then styling some css, but it could be more complex……

    Let us know 🙂

    Okay, my site is:
    and the WP is:

    Where my manual blog is now is where I would like to place my WP ^^


    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Okaaay… this is frames / tables stuff…….ick 🙂

    The main page has to be a .php page
    That main page must also have this at the very top:
    /* Don't remove this line. */

    But that may not work so I would use (or start with):
    /* Don't remove this line. */

    Then, where you want the blog bit to appear, you put The Loop, and this next bit is where it gets tricky…not tricky tricky just tricky how you will use the code.
    For instance:
    <div class="blogpart">
    all the WP code

    would work, but you could drop the wp code inside the table you have. You would then end up – once it’s working – with some pretty ugly text, but css will take care of that.

    That make sense ?

    Hmm… not really?

    So I would begin with what you said, then do the loop. I understand that much.

    But then…? My site coding is just php with the codegrl php. When it requires the and then you have the content text or whatever and then it requires the So I would just:
    And the Foot?!

    (And the CSS would be okay in my header I hope?)

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    This may be trial and error….I don’t know of the codegrl php.

    At the very top of your current index, put
    /* Don"t remove this line. */

    Then, wherever you want the content, paste The Loop.
    Do not remove any parts of The Loop at all until it’s working or we will find it hard to help.

    CSS in your header ? Yea, it can work there.

    (It’s 1:30am ……. back after some ZzZzZzzzzzz)

    Podz you lazy git… 😛

    Okay, I tried what you said… and I tested it here:

    😛 Didn’t quite work, I will try to learn what I can tho ^^ 1:30 there? Thanks for helping me! It’s only 8:40 here.

    Haha Nuclear. That’s not very nice! 😀

    Wow, I’m slow. I didn’t even realize that post was there before mine till, what, and hour later? 😛 Okay, time for my bed too. ^^

    Okay, I messed with it a bit… But I seem to have succeed only in confusing myself more!!?

    One: What part of the index code do I need to copy to have the posts show up? Becuase If I use it all then I have to have the whole style with it.. which isn’t what I want.
    Two: It comes up with a ‘_e() not defined’ error when I use my sites header. So obviously there is somthing in the blog-header that I need. How do I combine the two headers to make it work with my site?
    Three: Why am I so impaired with this?! 😛 I can’t remember what I was gonna put here. That me though, I won’t remember it until I’m comfy in my bed or something! 😀

    Okay, so I am pretty confused, btu I’m gonna go try and work on it again. =o Hehe

    Okay, still a bit confused. I want to use my own header and footer. But there is an error that comes up ( when I don’t use the one it comes with.. (wp-blog-header). Also, are there things in the index that I need in there? Right now I have it all in there…

    wordpress is a mission to integrate into your site, but it is possible
    i managed at – i also integrated kwiki, a perl cgi wiki engine, which was a lot easier.

    imo, wordpress comes way over-styled, i would have found it really helpful for it to have come with a skeleton skin. wordpress is difficult because there is so much php intermingled with the html. and a lot of it you don’t want.

    i would have found it helpful for wordpress to have come with just the basic php for displaying the posts, without navbar, links etc, wordpress by default generates a whole website much of which you don’t want. surely most users who try wordpress already have a site. wordpress could have then included instructions with more optional php to add.

    i was also confused by the fact wordpress uses some of it’s own custom php functions to make html, but i can’t find these anywhere, so i can’t change some bits.

    i haven’t yet got ‘static’ pages working through wordpress. i almost did, but it generated bad mod_rewrite which broke the wiki. it keeps trying to write into the root .htaccess file and not /wordpress/.htaccess – or maybe i broke some of the php in page.php

    Ermm… I don’t see how this was supposed to help me? I didn’t see a question in there from you either. So I’m a bit confused. 😛

    I’m just trying to figure this out, and it’s quite fustrating! Can anyone answer my question?

    Seriously, nobody can help me? 🙁 I suppose I can go search somewhere else.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Hang on 🙂

    First – have you got WP working just on it’s own yet ? It’s not clear from the above if you have or have not.

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