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wp-install.php download??

  • I am setting up WordPress for the first time and I am running into a peculiar problem: I have gone through 1-4 without problems and when it comes to step 5 the browser asks me if I want to download the file instead of executing it! I am feeling very stupid here because I feel that this issue is probably something very simple and easy and I am overlooking it 🙁
    I set up a Debian “testing” computer for running WordPress. I am running Apache 2.0.47-1, PHP 4.1.2-6 and Mysql 4.0.13-3
    I have tried Konqueror 3.0, Mozilla 1.4 and Explorer recent version. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Never mind people. I removed Apache2 and installed 1.3 instead. I don’t think that the version of PHP that comes with Debian testing is compatible with Apache 2.0. Things are up and running now 🙂

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