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  • hey, I’ve been making pretty simple website with tons of subpages. Since my database collapsed I need to do something to make my site runs again. Thanks God, 1 month ago I made a copy of xampp folder. There’s everything untouched. Now I need to restore my site from the folder I mentioned above. I’ve tried a lot of solutions from stackoverflow but they didn’t help at all. Everything I try, I do on another computer to avoid getting things worse. Those solutions help me see the name of the database in phpadmin but there’s no data inside. So I thought I ask here, maybe someone know the answer.

    How to restore my site just from copy of xampp folder?

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  • The crucial content of the website is not in the folder but in the database. Have you saved them as well? If not, then you have many files, but no content and cannot restore the page.



    If your database tables were InnoDB (that’s the default), recovering the database from a filesystem backup will be difficult at best, and the procedure is well beyond the scope of this site. If you’re technically-inclined, you can try it yourself after reading the following:

    Otherwise, I suggest that you ask your question at I’m sure someone will be happy to outline the full process.

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    @threadi what do you mean by saving database? Isn’t it in main xampp folder? I’ve not heard that some data is outside the xampp folder. Copy of full folder (1 month old when the site was running) is the only thing I’ve got. If the file from folder is enough, I have it.

    @diondesigns I didn’t change any database settings so it’s gonna be InnoDB (default). Thank you for your advice.

    No, the database is usually located somewhere else in the form of files, depending on where the database service used stores them. When you create a backup, you usually have to create a dump of the database. This can then be restored to the database if necessary.

    Therefore I think that you do not have the data you are looking for.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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