WP installed on root. how switch from static page to article view? (3 posts)

  1. bubazoo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    My WordPress is purposely installed on my root folder on my server, but I want wordpress to show up as a static "welcome" page when the site is first loaded.

    I know how to do that in the Administrative panel, but then, how do you setup a link in the sidebar that changes it back to blog post view?

    because I want users to be able to see the welcome screen,
    but I also want them to be able to click on a link that takes
    them to the most recient posts, does that make any sense?

    I also wanted to put a picture gallery on my site of some sort,
    that supports multiple albums of posts. How do I do that and
    integrate it into the WP site? I did this on purpose
    because I wanted a "single sign-on" for my entire site.


  2. bubazoo
    Posted 7 years ago #

    lastly, I've been using the widget system in wordpress,
    instead of sidebar.php, how would I go about putting a link
    like that in the sidebar using the widget system?

  3. When you set up a static front page, you'll also make another "Page" to hold your blog posts on. Link to that Page directly in any way you like. A Pages widget, for example. Or a text widget with an HTML link in it.

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