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  • Hi all,

    I need to install WP in clients host through FTP (no access to cpanel). I know that WP installation should be easy, but after connected through Filezilla, I found only an empty root, no “public_html” or so and no .htaccess.

    I have modify the wp-config.php as the instruction in this website but I had no luck. Kindly advise.

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  • esmi


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    You need access to the hosting management account to set up a new database and user. Contact the hosts about this if necessary.

    Hi Esmi,

    My client already set up a database for me, including username and password of the database of course but still luck. Any ideas ?

    Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that this setup is for a client. I got the database setting from him but not the cpanel access. Is there any files that I need to upload on ftp aside from WP ?

    Create a new database and configure in wp-config file.



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    You just need to upload the files in the WP installation ZIP file. After it’s been un-zipped, of course (I’ve had someone complain it didn’t work when they uploaded the ZIP file to their hosting account). Apart from that the only files that you’ll need to upload are any extra themes or plugins that you want to add from the start. Don’t worry about a .htaccess file as WordPress will generate that when it’s needed.

    As long as youre wp-config.php file has got the correct database connection details you will be able to install the system. I wouldn’t be to concerned about the lack of a ‘public_html’ folder. There’s a good chance that your client doesn’t use one of the more popular contorl panels, or possibly not evne any control panel, and that’s jsut how their server is configured. If you’re worried that it’s not the right spot, put up a dummy index.html file and check that you can view that through their websites URL before you do anything else.

    I did that already. I uploaded WP on folder “foldername”. here’s my path :

    But if I go to, I got a “403 permission denied” error. and if I continue on install.php, I got a “404 not found” error.

    Is there any relation with the file permissions ? I set wp-admin and it all subfolders as 777.



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    Then that means that something is not configured correctly on the server. I don’t believe that it’s file permissions as 777 is to much (really… it’s way to much and shouldn’t be done). Getting a 404 error on installation would normally point me to thinking that there’s a redirection problem with the server. That could be from a few different sources, so it’s very hard to tell what the problem is without having access to the servers access and error logs.

    I set back to 755. I tried to put dummy index.html (/foldername/index.html) and it works just fine. I moved WP to a subfolder (/foldername/wp/) to avoid any possible blockage.

    I’ve asked an access to the server so I’ll update this post later.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hi guys,

    I still have no luck on this issue and my clients refused to give any other access aside from FTP and DB details 🙁 Any ideas ?



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    Yeh – get another client. 😉

    Seriously, if the client is not allowing you full hosting account access, they’re effectively tying your hands.

    I too am having problems uploading through an FTP site using Filezilla so this forum is timely.
    However, I am no techie so need a dummies guide to how to do this. Catacaustic says –
    You just need to upload the files in the WP installation ZIP file.
    What is – wp-config.php file

    How do I do this? All I can see is an export via an xml file. ‘Just’ makes it all sound very simple!

    Thanks for any help.


    Here’s some step :

    1. After you download WP and unzip it, you’ll see a wp-config-sample.php file which you should rename it to wp-config.php.

    2. open the wp-config.php file (suing notepad) and enter your database details

    3. Save it and upload all files and folders inside your WP folder to your server.

    That’s it !

    Thanks nathzo.

    Sounds straightforward but where do I go to find and download my WP file?


    Hi Nathzo

    Thanks for your help. I am on a steep learning curve here!

    I think I have this right now (although web site still not actually appearing via my host which I will also checkout with them).

    I have downloaded WP, unzipped, opened the sample file and saved as wp-config.php. I have opening this in notepad and made the changes. Key information re ftp from my host entered. Authentication Unique keys entered as generated by WP link.

    A couple of questions. In what format is the name of the database for WP entered? e.g. Or something else?
    Do I need to enter anything for the datbase ‘charset’?


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