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  • Hi.

    I have a problem that’s currently driving me mad.

    I downloaded and successfully installed the OceanMist theme, which works peachy.

    Overnight, and so far every night since I installed it, the theme will revert back to the default theme. I reset it in the morning, and by the next morning it’s back.

    Checking through the apache logs (it’s my own box), I can see that at 22:39 (GMT+0100) last night, someoen from AOL was viewing my blog with the right theme. Google crawled it (and didn’t request the theme), a few requests were made for an image I have hosted an linked to elsewhere, then this morning at 09:37 (GMT+0100), the default theme is requested. No admin requests in between.

    The only thing I can think of is that there’s either a bug or a security hole that’s letting a non-admin user do this (since I was asleep at the time, and no-one else logged in remotely).

    Has anyone seen this before? Any pointers as to where I can start looking to find out what’s going on here?


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  • This is something to do with wp-cache. try installing the latest build 2.0.4 of wordpress and see if this problem persists.

    Today I found a solution to my version of this problem and it maybe helpful to you. Over the last week I had made several changes to a website including adding a new theme, Mistylook. Sadish, I think you are familiar with it. After a long day of trying to debug this problem I decided to give up and change the logic in the validate_theme function so that it always said it found the theme. Surprise, surprise, it still reverted to the default theme. The only way this could happen would be if a different admin_functions.php was being used. One my website changes was creating an addin domain and moving the website to a new directory. My problem was that I had internet bots scanning my old web site directory. Every time they went to the old directory, the “old” WordPress admin_functions.php changed the theme back to the default theme because it could not find the two theme files, index.php and style.css. When WordPress cranks up it sets the ABSPATH variable to the directory it is started in. Subsequently it will make all file references relative to this directory. My theme did not exist in this directory structure so it set it back to default. Enjoy!

    About Themes reverting back to default theme..

    I hope this is inregards to the right thing.. =/

    Good luck!


    It’s a known bug atm – I have a fresh install and am working on a new theme and it seems when you repeatedly upload style.css while using the site it will revert.

    Just wondering – any sign of a definite fix yet..? Having the exact same problem with a client site at the moment.

    In case this adds anything to the diagnosis process:

    I first installed (WP 2.05) the site in question on a test domain, and then transferred it over to the regular domain, using the WP-myphpadmin plugin to alter the ‘home’ and ‘siteurl’ values as specified in

    It was only after the site had been transferred to the new domain that the revert-to-default problem kicked in – there was absolutely no sign of it on the old test domain.

    Maybe something will occur to someone more technically competent than me on that basis..?

    Quick update – possible fix (not ideal though…)

    I replaced the files in the ‘Default’ theme directory with the files for my custom theme. That way if WP decides to revert to ‘default’ it will end up displaying the same theme as the custom… I just have to remember to update both sets of themes if I make any changes, which isn’t ideal, but might do for now until someone comes up with a definitive answer, yes?

    I’ve been having this issue for quite a while now and have yet to find a solution. the defect ticket seems to suggest it might be looked into for v2.3. It’s been a pain switching my theme back every other day.

    ArielUK i read there were issues warning people not to replace the default theme. did you just do a straight copy paste over the default files?

    Hi solarcrash – Yep, I just copied & pasted the contents of the directory I wanted to use into the Default directory, over-writing whatever was there. So far (touch wood) no problems to report, I just have to remember to update both themes when I make a change to the site.

    You can see it in action at – the theme is an adapted version of Dropshadow, but it’s currently running out of the Default folder.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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