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  • Hi All

    I am finding the the installation process for WP to be very difficult. Instructions like “create a database on your SQL server” is all gibberish to me. Is there a set of instructions out there for normal people ? I have downloaded WP and I have downloaded MAMP Pro. I can see that what I have to do is create a database somewhere on my Mac and set up an SQL user – can someone tell me in plain english how to do that? I realize I can pay companies to do the install for me but I am just wondering why this has to be so hard. Step by step instructions would be very welcome. And just philosophically – why is this set up for techno-IT people and not written in ordinary speak ?

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    Thanks for your reply – I currently have a version of MAMP pro running – and when I get to this step….

    Once the MAMP servers start, the MAMP start page should open in your default web browser. If not, click on “Open start page” in the MAMP window. Once that’s open, select phpMyAdmin from the webpage.

    I cant find the Open Start page option – any advice ? I am assuming that maybe MAMP PRO does this automatically for me (but this is always a fingers crossed kind of assumption)

    Hi sorry one more request (maybe 2) – how do I get MAMP to recognize a valid folder? I want MAMP to point to a new folder I have created but it seems to have some kind of requirement of the folder before it will recognize it – does it need some kind of file resident in it? For example, if I try to point MAMP at a new folder with nothing in it, MAMP will not recognize the folder (greyed out) – what is the criteria of MAMP to point at a folder ?

    Lastly the set of instructions….

    … and enter the following information into the database setup form:

    database name: wordpress
    database host/server: localhost
    database user: root
    database password: root
    Once that’s complete, enter a blog name and email address, and you’re ready to use WordPress on your Mac.

    where is the database set up form – is that part of MAMP? I think maybe with MAMP PRO this is done automatically? Secondly “you’re ready to use WordPress” – how do I launch it from here ?? Thanks again.

    The database setup form is part of WordPress. The sentence right before that explains how to get there. I don’t use MAMP, so I can’t help you with the other questions.

    Visit your local site (localhost:port or localhost:port/wordpress), and enter the following information into the database setup form:

    Sorry, I just cant get this.

    I have tried entering http://localhost and all sorts of combinations but cant get the wordpress install to come up

    Does the local host command have to be structured with http:// first?
    I have given the host a name say “abcdef” does it have to be structured…

    http://abcdef/wordpress or is it


    or is it



    How about localhost:8000/ or localhost:8080/wordpress ?

    Where the number is the port number MAMP configured Apache (the web server program) to run on, and wordpress is the folder relative to the web root folder MAMP is configured to use.

    Can you get a normal html page to come up? A lot of this depends on exactly how MAMP is configured.

    thanks for persisting with me !!

    my local host for apache is 8888

    when I use localhost:8888 I get message “forbidden”

    I am running as user = my local user name

    is there some way I need to force it to allow me the permissions ?

    The user the web server is running under needs read and execute permissions to the web root folder. That may not be your local user name.

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