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  • How many plugins do you use to manage your feeds, ads, tracking codes etc?

    We have come up with a plugin which we think is a must for every wordpress user!!

    Use wp-insert to insert every kind of code you will ever need to insert into your blog. The plugin features 5 ad widgets, provision to insert ads into right,left,top and bottom of your posts/pages, feed management options like adding your logo to your feeds, redirecting your feeds to feedburner, feedburner subscribe via email widget, Provisions to insert ads above or below your feeds, Subscribe to feed widget, Provision to insert google analytics code easily, Provision to add any kind of code to your header and footer area.

    Future plans include sections for SEO and social bookmarking..

    Download Link

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  • Features as per version 1.1

    Manage Ads
    In post ads – Allows you to insert your ads around your content
    * Insert Ads above the content
    * Insert Ads below the content
    * Insert Ads to the left of the post
    * Insert ads to the right of the post
    * Option to show ads only on single posts and pages
    Five ad widgets at your disposal
    * Go to the widgets page under “Appearance” and place the widgets onto the sidebars you want the ads to appear onto

    Manage Feeds
    * Your logo in your feeds
    * Insert Ads into feeds
    * Link your feeds to feedburner
    * Subscribe via Email widget
    * Subscribe to feed widget

    Manage Tracking Codes
    * Insert Google Analytics tracking onto all you blog pages instantly
    * Paste other tracking code into the header or footer of your blog

    Manage WYSIWYG editing
    * Replace TINY MCE with FCK EDITOR
    * Disable auto formatting done by wordpress (Stops the annoying autoformatting done by wordpress. You can now write your posts as you intented to write it. Also allowa you to paste in javascript etc easily into your posts/pages)
    * WYSIWYG Category description Editor
    * WYSIWYG Excerpt Editor

    Download wordpress plugin from SMARTLOGIX

    Have you listed it in PLugin section?

    Description looks promising though for ad management.

    WordPress Plugin Download URL :

    Apart from SEO and social bookmarking (I am currently working on these) can anyone of you think of a feature which would be a great candidate for integration into this plugin

    This is a great plugin! Thanks!

    Hugs and kisses!!! OK, I am just a little excited about your plugin!

    It works great. Thank you!

    Thank you boodles, mammyjax and all other users…
    I am working on version 2.0

    hi Namith,
    This is a great plugin you have created however i have a problem..:(
    How to prevent ads displayed on every pages?

    Hi namith.jawahar,

    Great plugin! Thanks. Where do you think the next version will be ready?

    Hi Everyone

    I have managed to squeeze in all feature requests I received via the comments section in the wp-insert page on my website regarding the Ads section.

    As the plugin is pretty elaborate I have backlogged with the feature requests for other sections…I haven’t yet finalized on other features and your suggestions are always welcome

    An updated Feed management section will follow shortly followed by other areas and some cool new features like theme revisions and restore..

    I hope all of you would enjoy the revamped ad admin area into which I have squeezed in almost all feature requests I received

    Thanks for your interest and support in the PLUGIN

    Namith J

    I have tried to set up wp-insert to add an advert to my Feedburner daily e-mail and feeds

    But all that has happened is that the feed has stopped working

    I added the feed address and the email codes as directed. Am I doing something wrong?

    Above report

    I have now de-activated wp-insert and my feeds are working again

    What am I doing wrong please?



    what would (on server) cause the setup page to not appear. i do not have this problem on other servers i use. my wp setups are identical on all.


    This is a great tool.
    I added it to biec and it worded great.

    But.. I with I could select ads to run based on WP categories.

    Unless anyone knows of another plug-in that will do this.

    Installed WP-Insert and it locks up my admin dashboard and nothing works?

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