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    I use this WordPress plugin entitled (WP INSERT)

    I found a bug with (WP INSERT) however I believe my problem to be specific to CUSTOMIZR Theme.

    I created a [BLANK PAGE] to be inserted by CUSTOMIZR THEME as my FRONTPAGE STATIC PAGE. When I tell (WP INSERT) not to place advertising on this [BLANK PAGE] FRONTPAGE STATIC PAGE (WP INSERT) fails to comply.

    Let me try and rephrase my problem… I can commend (WP INSERT) to ignore specific Post or Pages by Post and or Page Name. (WP INSERT) see’s my [BLANK PAGE] … ONLY when my [BLANK PAGE] is part of the index page FRONTPAGE STATIC PAGE as a totally different Page. THUS I cannot tell (WP INSERT) to stop placing advertisement on my front page.

    Is it possible that CUSTOMIZR THEME internally changes the name of any page designated as an index static page.


    Here is a link to the website in question. .

    (WP INSERT) is refusing to acknowledge my blank static page as an individual and thus I cannot remove top, middle, and or bottom advertisements on my index page.

    ALSO when I try to look at my empty page through the preview function …the entire main index page appears.

    I strongly suspect the CUSTOMIZR THEME changes the name and or I.D. number of any page attached as a static page to the front page.
    My only solution to remove advertisements off of my main page is to turn off (WP INSERT).

    (WP INSERT) does not recognize my blank page as an individual when my blank page is connected as a static front page.

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    Did you test that plugin with all other plugins deactivated? Do you have the same problem on a default WP theme?

    And BTW, please drop the all caps – it’s considered yelling and is against the forum rules.

    I thought titles are in all caps. silly me. i will check (WP INSERT)on another one of my websites to target a static front page. I will return with the result

    i run 30 individual websites on a custom designed private server inside my home and i am pressed for time. The problem with (WP INSERT) seams to exist on all theme’s. where do i go for help? is this a WordPress issue or a (WP INSERT) issue?



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    Each plugin has its own forum:

    Scroll to the bottom to make a new post there.

    is this a WordPress issue or a (WP INSERT) issue?

    from your answer I must assume you are trying to suggest this is a (WP INSERT) issue, however, since you avoided my specific question I must also assume that you too are un sure. thank you for your assistance. I will continue my quest inside the (WP INSERT) forum



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    If you have the same issue on multiple themes, yes, that generally indicates it’s a plugin question.

    The Exclude on Home Page option in the Rules section on Wp-Insert actually targets the Blog Home (index.php) page. If its different from the sites home page you will have to specifically exclude that page via the “Exclude Pages” option.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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